Juicing Diets: Healthy Weightloss For Older Women

Juicing Diets
Weightloss + Health and Vitality!

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I love juicing diets because I think they are the
healthiest on the planet!

With a healthy juice diet you can lose weight without compromising your health. In fact..

You can lose weight and gain energy and vitality, even cure a few minor ailments!

You can read about healthy juicing recipes on lots of my other pages but now we want to know..

How can we lose weight with raw juices?


Slowly, long term, a few pounds in a few days or serious weightloss paced and healthy. Whatever your needs you can do it with a juicing diet.

Slowly, Long Term

Are you a serial dieter but still carry weight that you want to lose before Summer? Take the easy road to weightloss and more energy by replacing one meal per day with a power packed, healthy juice. Choose the vegetables you love and lace the drink with a teaspoon full of wheatgrass powder or spirulina powder . These amazing juices keep you full, cleanse your system of toxins and help you to sleep better and feel more energetic. The gradual, effortless weightloss is a bonus!

Has To Be Faster!

Nothing faster than a turbo charged raw vegetable juice with added protein from Wheatgrass. You can choose to enjoy two delicious high energy juices per day instead of breakfast and lunch. There are loads of great vegetable juicing recipes and you can alter them to your taste, even sweeten them with apples or pineapple. Add half an avocado or bannana then whizz everything in a blender and you have a satisfying meal in a glass. A drink exploding with healthy nutrients to help you lose weight and regain energy and vitality!
As you sleep better and feel more energised you can add some walking exercise to the juicing diet to speed up your metabolism and burn some more calories.

7lbs in 7days!

In his book 7lbs in 7days Super Juice Diet, Jason Vale shows us how to get in shape super fast. The book compels you to keep reading because it makes so much sense. For juicing diets you need to be basically healthy. I did it at 61 so I know it works and what could be more healthy than losing weight by drinking nature’s super foods for one week. Jason’s weightloss plan is based on nutritious, cleansing, energizing juices and daily exercise. Mini trampoline exercise is his special love. He is delightfully cheeky and quick to tell us that it’s “no effort” no “weightloss” but also coaches and advises as only a former fatty can!
There is also a fascinating new 7 Lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet DVD
available if you need some of Jason’s Inspiration!
Here’s a quick peak at the Juice Masters Turbo Express Smoothie
from the 7lbs in 7 days programme.

One Day Juicing Diets!

This is an idea that I love for maintaining weight. It gives the digestive system a bit of a rest and reduces calorie count per week or month. I make my favorite juices usually with the addition of Spirulina and try to get a long walk and a relaxing day. In winter a veggie soup (no salt) can be smuggled in for evenings. This one day can have an amazing effect on bloating, constipation, headaches and other minor ailments.

A super healthy way..
to beat that weight problem at any age!

IMPORTANT: Please consult your doctor before changing your diet if you have health problems or have not been well recently. I am passionately interested in health and weight control but I am not a doctor and have no medical background.

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