Benefits of Juicing for Anti Aging

The Benefits of Juicing for Anti Aging

What are the health benefits of juicing?
The answers may surprise you!

Raw Potential!

Juicing is the single best way for the body to get the important nutrients it needs to slow the effects of aging, fight disease and maintain optimal health.

One of the reasons juicing is so nutritious is the raw foods used.
Raw foods contain phytochemicals, natural vitamins and minerals and other substances that cooking and heating destroy.

Eating the amount of raw food that contains the same amount of nutrients we get from juicing is impractical, we would have to eat from morning till night.
Juicing gives you pure concentrated nutrition in a delicious drink that you can take with you on the go, or sit and enjoy at your leisure.

Readily absorbed!


To get the benefits of juicing for the entire body we can tailor recipes to address specific needs and health issues or mix up a general health tonic that is nutritious and delicious.
As we age our bodies may have trouble absorbing nutrients from the food we eat. Supplements can replace some of the missing nutrients but even these are sometimes hard for the body to process. Healthy juicing is the answer here because liquid nutrients are absorbed almost immediately by the body. It does not need to break down juice as thoroughly as solid food to use the nutrients. Since it spends less time processing the food, the digestive tract can use the nutrients quickly and more efficiently.

Powerful Anti Oxidants!

Raw fruit and vegetable juices are high in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight the effects of free radicals which attack the nucleus of our cells. Once the cell’s nucleus is damaged, mutations can develop and lead to cancer. Free radicals also attack the outside of our cells, the cell walls. This is a major cause of aging skin and damage to organs and tissues. They come from pollution, environmental contaminants and natural oxidation. Antioxidants battle free radicals by preventing the oxidation process in the body.

A Wealth of Vitamins!
Juiced fruits and vegetables are also a potent source of vitamins. Vitamin C, E and B complex vitamins are all necessary for the body to remain at its peak. Today’s diet is woefully deficient in all of these vitamins because of the vast amount of processed food we consume.

The body cannot make its own supply of vitamin C and must get it from the food we eat. One of the benefits of juicing is we can get all the vitamins we need in a simple daily juice,
prepared in minutes . Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin that is readily absorbed by the body. It helps repair skin cells, builds blood, can reduce depression, creates an acidic environment that helps to prevent urinary tract infections and a whole host of other benefits that are just now being discovered.

Vitamin E has been shown in scientific studies to benefit the heart. It is an oil soluble vitamin that also helps to increase prostrate health in men, prevents oxidation in the metabolism of fat, protects cells from free radicals, and can help prevent the build up of plaque in the blood vessels that lead to heart disease and stroke. Although we can get Vitamin E from the foods we eat, juicing gives us the optimum dosage which can be readily absorbed by the body.

B-complex vitamins are essential for energy. The new feeling of rejuvenation and vitality is one of the most joyous benefits of juicing. The B vitamins are essential for growth and the formation of new tissue because they work together to repair and renew tissues to keep skin, muscles and organs healthy. Vitamins B6 and B9 aid in the production of proteins needed to produce red blood cells. While many foods contain B vitamins, juicing provides them in the concentration the body needs to maintain peak health.

Clearing & Cleansing
Of all the health benefits of juicing, cleansing is probably the most essential at our age. We all know that the build up of toxins and waste in the body is the main contributing factor when it comes to aging. Juicing retains most of the natural fiber in fruits and vegetables. When we consume enough fiber, the body moves waste out of your digestive tract and prevents fermentation that can lead to a build up of toxins in the system. Fiber also helps keep arteries clean by preventing the build up of plaque.

How many more reasons do we need?

Begin a daily juice habit today!

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