More Make up Advice from Karinda Ristic

More Make up Advice from Karinda Ristic

Make up artist Karinda Ristic with more Make Up Advice for mature women.

If you have a question for Karinda please send a short description of your make up problem to me via my contact me page (details at the bottom of page) and we will try to include an answer for you next time.

Giving make up advice is what Karinda Ristic likes to do most. Her Company, Make-Up Access is dedicated to educating women in the art of make up.

As a fashion and make up artist, she has worked for Elle, Cosmopolitan,
Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and Shape
and her work has been published
all over the world.

Question: How can I stop my lipstick running?

My hair is dark and I have a tan most of the year. I am always
careful in the sun, wear sunscreen and a hat to protect my face. I love
to wear rich, deep shades of lipstick especially for evenings. Lately I
have noticed that the lipstick color runs into tiny lines and
makes for a very fuzzy lip line. I am 59 and live in a warm climate .
Is there any make up advice that I can use to keep my lipstick in place?
Terry, USA

Answer: Terry, this is a common concern amongst women and I would recommend 4 easy steps to younger looking lips and making your lipstick last longer :

1) Exfoliate your lips at least once a week, since lipstick adheres best to a smooth surface.

2) Lip liners are a great way of making lipstick last longer.
Choose a liner colour that is similar to your natural lip shade.
Start by lightly tracing the outline of the lips and then ‘color-in’ the
entire lip with the lip liner. This will create a base for the lipstick and ultimately make it last much longer during the day.

3) Choose a lipstick formula that is matte. The less moisture or
cream a lipstick has, the longer it will last. Keep in mind that matte
lipsticks have changed a lot in the last few years and instead of being
dry and thick, they are thinner and more comfortable to wear with silicone formulas.

4) Apply a layer of lipstick to your lips then using a one ply tissue, blot
the lips and apply another coat. This will make your lipstick last
much longer. Finally, avoid using lip gloss if you want a
long-lasting effect.

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Question: Ageless smoky eyes please?
My social life is better now than ever before in my life. I am
blonde with a very fair skin and I wear lots of dark evening clothes. I
want to accentuate my eyes more. I love the smoky look but don’t
want to overdo it (I’m over 60) I need some make up advice on which eye
shadow colors I could try and can you give me some tips on how to get a
good effect?
Anne, Ireland

Answer: A soft grey shadow will
look beautiful with your complexion. I do however also understand your
concern not to overdo it. I am a big fan of the classics and prefer an
eyeshadow look that is sexy, but still sophisticated.

In my e-book, the 10 Step Make Up Guide I recommend that you apply a light eyeshadow color (white or cream) on the eyelids to make the eyes appear bright and fresh.

the darker shade (in your case the grey shadow) through the crease of
the eyes, blending it slightly upwards towards the eyebrows. This will
create a smoky, sexy look but ultimately still make the eyes look open
and fresh. Finally, apply a charcoal shade eyeliner close to the
eyelashes and gently smudge it to enhance the smoky eyeshadow look. You’ll find lots more make up advice on application in the 10 step guide.

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Question: How can I conceal the redness?
My problem is my rosy cheeks. As I get older what used to be attractive is becoming a menace. Some tiny broken veins
add to the redness and I find it hard to cover without my make up
looking too heavy. I am using a calming moisturizer and hope that will
help in the long run but need some make up advice on what I can do now.
Gloria, Canada

Answer: Start with
applying a lightweight foundation over the entire face to even out your
skin tone. You do not want to apply too much foundation, since this
will only create a heavy look. Next, dab your finger in a tub of concealer
(cream formula) and gently ‘pat’ the concealer over the red areas on
your cheeks. Again, remember that you do not want it to be too thick.
Rather apply a little at a time and slowly build it up until the redness
is covered. Finally, apply loose powder over the cheeks to ‘set’ the
foundation and concealer

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With a little practice these make up techniques can make you look years younger.
If you would like more make up advice for a problem we have not covered
here, please write to me via my contact me page and we will try to
include your question the next time.

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