Younger Lips for Mature Women

Younger Lips!
Simple ideas, Stunning effects!

The good news is we can reclaim some of the fullness and definition of younger lips.

If the truth is known we probably don’t even want the Angelina Jolie version any more.
But with know how and a few inexpensive products we can plump up those thin lips. Feign silky, shapely, seductive..
where ever the mood takes you! Read on..

Make up for lips has changed and our strategy has to change too
if we want to achieve the the appearance of younger lips and put pale
thin lips behind us forever!

Lip liner

You Will Need

  • A lip primer.
  • A soft light beige or white pencil.
  • A soft lip pencil a few shades darker than your lip color.
  • A lip brush, lipstick and lip gloss.

Let’s look at what we’re up against first. The main grumbles I hear from my readers are, thin lips uneven shape, wrinkles around lips where color escapes to fray the lip line and lipstick doesn’t stay on!
To fix any of these problems preparing the canvas is essential.
We all know that exfoliation and moisturizing is important to keep lips soft and supple but what else can we do?

Prep It!

To camouflage the imperfections of older lips and ensure that lipstick stays put, we need a make up primer.
I know this adds another product to the list but you’ll find
inexpensive ones to experiment with, and until you have used one you
cannot appreciate the difference a lip primer makes to mature lips.

It’s used to blot out the lips filling in tiny lines and leaving an
even textured smooth surface for lipstick and prevent lipstick fraying.
Some lip primers are clear but you might find one that is close to your
skin color better. Using just a tiny amount, smooth it over your lips and wait a moment. See the difference?

You can use the Fusion Beauty Xl Primer Pencil to experiment with the following white pencil tip for younger lips. It primes wrinkles and redefines the lip line.. just have a go, it’s easy!

Tiny Tip, Knockout Effect!

Don’t over do this next step because a trace works like magic!
Take the soft white pencil and outline your lips with light strokes.
Smudge gently with your finger leaving just a barely visible highlight to give optical fullness.
Now using your lip liner pencil trace just outside your natural lip
line. Those with a very straight top lip can experiment with rounding
that shape ever so slightly. It takes some practice to make these two
steps super subtle but that’s when they are most effective. Celebrities
can do this with their eyes closed. They know it’s a skill worth

Fill Up On Fullness

So preparation and shape done, you’re ready to fill in.
For older lips it’s vital to use a lip brush to apply lipstick. Learning to use the right make up tools will mean your make up looks better and lasts longer.
Brush the lipstick smoothly onto your lips and then blot lightly by taking a tissue between your lips.
The best make up
colors for lips are soft pinks and lively corals to flatter and freshen
your skin color. Beware of deep reds, they can look very hard and
pastels will leave you looking totally washed out. Lastly brush on
another thin layer of glorious color and prepare to be amazed what a
difference this step makes.

Dot on a little gloss in the center of the upper and lower lips to reflect light and Wow! Your younger lips!

One more red hot tip you might want to try.. Lip Plumpers!

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