Make up Primer, Perfect for Mature Skin

Make up Primer for Mature Skin

Prime the canvas for a perfect picture!

Choosing the right make up primer could be the best thing that ever happened to your make up routine.

Mature Skin has very special needs so there are a few things to consider.

What does a make up primer do?

  • Create a perfect surface for your make up.
  • Fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Make enlarged pores appear finer.
  • Reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Hydrate and protect all day.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Reduce shine on forehead, nose and chin.
  • Plump up skin for a much younger look.

Sound like a dream?

These products are pretty new on the scene but fast becoming essential items because they really do work.
The important thing is to buy the right make up face primer for your needs.

Step one Skin type?

  1. The oil free primer is excellent for oily skins to deal with shiny zones on forehead, nose and chin.
  2. The primer for normal skin is better for delicate mature skin more prone to tiny lines and wrinkles.

Both types will keep your skin hydrated and looking smooth all day long.

Step two clear or tinted?

If you like a natural
look for every day and just need a redness correction or something to
warm up your skin color then the tinted version worn alone might be

The Smashbox Photo Finish products come in bronze, lavender and green and to correct skin tones. The soft and smooth effect evens skin color and minimizes imperfections, brightens pallid skin and can even neutralize redness. Choose the clear product to wear under your daily make up. The clear make up primer has all the same qualities without the color and will ensure a perfect complexion all day long.

Step three the price?

These superb products are part of most cosmetic companies collections these days and the prices can vary enormously. I have made some recommendations based on the feedback from readers with mature to very mature skin.

My personal favorite for a luxurious finish is  Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch My make up lasts all day and it seems to calm the redness across my cheeks and minimize the enlarged pores over nose and cheeks. It softens the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth too.. what more can I ask?

Application for Best Results!

Simply apply after your moisturizer and leave for a few moments to be absorbed before applying foundation to a gloriously smooth skin. Pat your make up in gently and don’t rub or you will spoil the smooth finish.

Oil free primers can be applied to mature skin on the oily areas around forehead, chin and nose. This will reduce shine and minimise enlarged pores. On other areas of the face an oil free primer might feel a little tight or dry.

Primers for normal skin can be applied all over the face or just to problem areas. Experiment with how much to use and make your product last longer.

Does this sound like a great idea for a special occasion that’s coming up? Take my advice and like all new things, practice a little before the big day and get it right.

Go Looking Gorgeous!

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