Make Up Face Primer: How To Use On Very Mature Skin

Make Up Face Primer:
How To Use On Very Mature Skin

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What can a Make Up Face Primer do for your complexion and make up?

Here are the keys to choosing and using a make up primer on very mature skin.
Tips, types, budget and luxury. Just for us, 60 plus!

Things You Need To Know About
The Make Up Face Primer

  1. This product is not a make up. It is used to enhance and correct the appearence of the skin before make up.
  2. Neither is it a skin care product as enhancement is only visible not physical improvement. Primers are used purely and hugely effectively to enhance the look of skin and make up.

Make Up Face Primers are multi taskers!
The main magic lies in their ability to:

  • Smooth texture and minimise lines and wrinkles. Crows feet look flatter and crepy eyes
    can appear much more smooth. Labial lines from nose to mouth and tiny
    lines around the mouth can appear reduced leaving skin looking more
  • Camouflage enlarged pores so typical of aging skin and form a cosmetic veil that adheres to make up, putting an end to the dreaded orange peel appearence around nose and mouth.
  • Enhance, brighten and illuminate skin color whilst rendering
    age spots and darkness less visible. Most effective on ruddy cheeks,
    darkness around eyes and pallid, lack lustre skin color.

Like most products there are good all rounders and others that
are geared to specific problems. Some are better at correcting color and
offer less effectiveness on wrinkles. Whilst some are designed to
camouflage enlarged pores and wrinkles but offer no color correction.

Smashbox Photo Finish – 6 Solutions!

Probably one of the most popular brands is Smashbox, who have given us a whole array of primers to minimize every imperfection.
The original Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
is colorless and offers all the advantages of a make up primer without
complexion color enhancement. Perfect if your skin color and clarity is
good but you need to correct skin texture and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Smashbox Color Correcting Primers are:

    is lavender-toned to brighten dull or sallow skin.
  • ADJUST is green-toned to neutralize and reduce redness.
    is apricot-toned to even out skin tone and counteract discoloration and dark spots.

All boast the full range of texture and wrinkle diminishing qualities in a sheer primer that means you need less foundation.

Finally, for those with sensitive acne prone skin a lighter version of the Smashbox original is PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER LIGHT

Tip: If you want to experiment with Smashbox make up primers buy the smaller travel tubes, less expensive and handy too.

I found a 4 minute video which gives you more information
about the application of make up face primers and the different types
available to address various skin problems.