Lip Plumpers! Myth or Magic for Thin Lips?

Lip Plumpers!
Worth a Try or Not?

Love Them or Hate Them!

Quite a strange breed as make up goes, lip plumpers come as balm or
lip gloss. They have been trendy amongst the young for sometime but it’s
possible you over looked them because of their sometimes unusual
names.. DuWop Lip Venom comes to mind!

But who says what we wouldn’t try if we thought that for one minute we could reclaim some of the old plumpness and the look of younger lips And, that’s about it! It lasts longer than one minute but it’s definitely temporary.

Is it worth a try? Most definitely because it does what it says on the wand or tiny jar!

How Do They Work!

The skin on the lip area is very sensitive so it’s not surprising that when the lips are stimulated or irritated the blood vessels dilate and cause a mild swelling. The active ingredients used in lip plumpers are usually natural. Cinnamon, ginger, wintergreen, capsicum (found in peppers) capsacin (found in chili)and menthol.
The mild swelling and flushing takes place almost immediately after application and is said to last between an hour and a few hours. But of course if you are enjoying this new found fullness and don’t mind the tingling you can always re-apply the product.

The Care Factor!

You might think wonderful but what about TLC for my thin lips? Won’t this make my lips even more dry than they are at the moment? They thought of that too! The latest versions contain skin care ingredients to encourage collagen production, nourish and soften. Freeze 24/7 PlumpLips, is one of a whole range of skin care products with temporary plumping, lifting and smoothing properties.

The Anti Aging Version!

More into the luxury end of skin care lines
Jan Marini C-esta Lips
is an anti aging lip plumper that works on two fronts for your pout.
The first with skin care ingredients to repair, nourish and soften the
lips and the second to promote immediate visible results.

This lip enhancer promises to plump and define lip contours in an instant, even reducing vertical lines and also work on a deeper level long term to promote a fuller pout.

Get a Free Trial!

Definitely worth a try! Some of these lip products are very
inexpensive so it won’t break the bank to see if they work for you. I
love the clear Freeze 24/7 product which is a little more expensive but
at the beauty counter they are only too willing to let you try it out
before you make the investment!

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