Self Motivation Tips to help you stay on Track

Self Motivation Tips to make it Happen!

Read through these self motivation tips every few days to make sure you stay on track.
Write the one that appeals to you most on a card and keep it with you.

If you hit a rough patch in your diet, exercise routine, study plan, read the tip that seems most appropriate and take some minutes to meditate on it.

You can put a positive spin on anything if you use your creativity muscle and a few motivating words and thoughts.

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  • Know what you don’t want and then take your focus off it. Don’t spend time talking about what you don’t want.
  • Focus like a laser on what you want. Why do you want it? Which dress size? Can you hear the compliments? Think about every detail until your inspiration is firing on all cylinders.
  • Silence your chatterbox! One of the most important self motivation tips! By this time in life we know how we sabotage ourselves. Be ready to put a positive spin on any negative thoughts. Surprise yourself say “shut up”…
  • Allow yourself enough time. Know that you are moving closer to your goal every day. Keep your vision in mind and know that when you get there you will stay there forever.
  • Never get bored. Be on the lookout for anything that can help you achieve your goal. Talk or read about people who have done something similar. Mix your strategies and stay inspired.

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  • Be ready for the roadblocks. Give yourself a day to think things out and get back into the plan tomorrow. Your only options tomorrow are positive ones and you will probably find the roadblocks are gone already! ps Read thos self motivation tips just one more time!
  • Celebrate each milestone on the way. You are so much further now than when you started. Reward yourself with a massage, a lipstick or a spa day if the budget looks good.
  • Enjoy the journey. It’s so important to notice the scenery on the way. Notice your better mood, the fact that you sleep better, have more energy or you are feeling just plain “chuffed” at getting this far.
  • Surround yourself with like minded friends. Chatting about common goals spurs you on. Don’t give the non-starters a chance to laugh at your intentions.
  • Wake up feeling good about the day ahead. Choose to want to work on your goal today (as opposed to being a victim). Smile and visualise achieving mini goals today with your fave self motivation tips!
  • Visualise each day or event ahead of time. Just paint a picture in your mind of a very positive enjoyable outcome. Smile…it works!
  • Always talk about your goal in positive words. Tell people what you want, not what you don’t want. Talk about the positive effects you feel already.
  • No guilt. Don’t ever feel guilty about the time you spend on your goal. You aren’t stingy about your time when it comes to others are you?
  • Be grateful for all the good things in your life, all of them! Your home, kids, partner, great hair, organising ability, patience, really everything! Appreciate yourself and everything you have. This helps us feel contented, happy and to stay positive.
  • We are magnets for everything we give our attention to. So focus on what you want, you will get it. What you think about you bring about.
  • Use your daily self motivation tips and all the
    ideas and inspiration you can find to help you to stay on track.

Pessimists walk under the same cloud the optimists walk on!

Our guest author Elle Bieling is a holistic nurse and healer. Her article Emotional Wellness highlights how emotions affect our body and how we can learn to listen to our body’s messages and find complete health and healing.

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