Look ten years younger or How not to Look Old

Look Ten Years Younger
& Ten Pounds Lighter!

Who wants to look ten years younger?

In her book
How Not to Look OldCharla Krupp offers us a fast and effortless alternative to “growing old gracefully”

She has identified all the things that betray our best efforts and she shows us exactly what to do to look younger.

Each chapter begins with “Nothing Ages You Like” and goes on to point a finger at bright eye shadow, flesh coloured panty hose, droopy boobs, skirt lengths, how not to wear jeans and a blast on comfortable shoes!

Charla’s message is anyone can look ten years younger and she gets it over in a way that makes you smile at your own mistakes.

This book gets you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to make some important changes.

The basics of looking effortlessly chic involve tossing out some of the old rules… Ideas we haven’t challenged in ages, to adopt some exciting new ones. Just a few…

  • Black and navy together?
  • Jeans only for daytime?
  • Matching colours perfectly?


Charla’s new rules might surprise you but you will see the effect in evidence on the young looking, effortlessly casual women all around you.

There are lists of all sorts of do’s and don’ts, wardrobe essentials, a jeans cheat sheet, things to throw, skin care routines and a stiletto strategy.

Beautifully illustrated with “too old” and “just right” pictures it’s easy to see

How Not to Look Old

Bare Necessities

I loved the section on underwear. Think thongs, flimsy lingerie, NOT Charla! She talks about the hardest working pieces in our wardrobe! You will learn more about shape wear
and how it lifts, shapes, minimises and hides ten pounds.
Under brilliant buys in this categorie there is information on how to shop for shapewear , which pieces do what and where to buy them.

Just before the list of best addresses there is a Putting it all together page with the Top Ten Tips on

How Not to Look Old: Fast and Effortless Ways to Look Ten Years Younger, Ten Pounds Lighter, TEN Times Better

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