Quick Start Weight Loss Day!

Start Weight Loss!

Why & How

This quick start weight loss day is designed to get you in the mood and draw a line under your
regular foody sins.. be they bread,
chocolate, chips or wine. Many women find they sleep
better and wake feeling less
bloated, more positive and full of

It’s only 24 hours and you can do it on a day when there
isn’t much else going on. Spend this day
relaxing and planning for the coming days of your Boomer Diet Boot Camp! You
might even want to surf the net to find something to treat yourself with
when you have lost the first 5

So here we go..

  • Begin your day with one of our juice detox recipes. I have put together lots
    of ideas for delicious and detoxifying juices at the Juicing Cleanse page. If
    you don’t have a juicer you can buy pure veggie juices at good bio shops.
  • Mid morning snack on a small handful
    of nuts and one apple
  • Lunchtime enjoy a freshly prepared soup
    from the list on the Diet Soup Recipes page.
  • Mid afternoon snack on some nuts and a
    piece of fruit, preferably an apple.
  • Evening Choose another soup from
    the list. Perhaps something a little more exotic if you have more time.

This may feel a little drastic but it is only for 1

The quick start weight loss day can put some distance
between you and your sweet tooth or craving for salty nibbles plus you will
feel less bloated and more energetic.
Drink lots of water (about 2 liters if you can) with a slice of lemon.
This helps your body to detox and also keeps hunger pangs at bay.

quick weight loss

What you can eat and drink!

Any of the juices and soups on my page marked quick
start weight loss. Prepare these foods exactly as in the recipe. Clean and simple, no additions. If you are buying juices take care to buy
pure, fresh juices without additives of any kind.

Any nuts in their natural state are good. No salted or sweetened varieties. Pumpkin, sunflower,
sesame and flax seeds are good too. Nuts
and seeds provide essential fatty acids, oils, magnesium, zinc and loads of
essential nutrients. Just don’t eat more
than a small handful at a time because they are also high in calories. They do a great job of keeping you full
between meals

You can drink fruit or herbal teas without sugar or
sweeteners and of course lots of water.

and What to avoid!

The goal of this quick start weight loss day is to
give your digestive system a little break and a short detox. So you will need to avoid coffee and tea,
fizzy drinks, fruit juices and
cordial. No alcohol either on this day
so you’ll have to forgo your glass of wine!

Bread, pasta, rice, cakes, meat, fish, eggs, cheese and
all dairy products are off the menu for 24 hours too!

Stick to the easy diet plan above and pat yourself on the
back the next day when you feel amazing!

Repeat Performance!

Was the quick start weight loss day an eye opener for
you, then you can choose to repeat it once every week. Remember this is a rapid weight loss plan to be used for 24 hours to kick start a balanced, long term diet plan. It does not constitute a balanced diet if followed longer.

It can also be repeated if you reach a plateau on your diet when you need a booster effect to get the scales moving again.

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