Healthy Juice Recipe For Fridays!

My Healthy Juice Recipe
for weekends!

We’re always looking for a new healthy juice recipe but the ingredients
have to be available, economical and quick. Let me tell about my Friday

One of the great things about juicing is experimenting! That appeals
to us Boomers because we have done lots of it in the past with
family meals.. remember the through the week meal!

We used what was left
over from Tuesday and Thursday plus an extra veggie and created a new

As part of the boomer Diet Boot Camp lots of you have
just begun juicing and are starting to wonder how much this is going to
cost and how many veggies and fruits to buy so nothing goes to waste.

I’m here to
tell you that veggie juicing is very forgiving. It is almost impossible
to make a juice that doesn’t taste good. On a Friday or any day that
you plan to go shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables just use up what
you have and give yourself a surprise! With a little practice you can become an expert at juice recipes on a budget!

Of course there is a specific healthy juice recipe for weight loss,
another for lowering cholesterol and many for headaches, insomnia,
digestion and more. But if you just want a healthy juice almost any
combination will work.

My Tips!

are just a few things to consider and they are, always use an apple base
if possible to provide a little sweetness. Use raw beetroot only in
very small amounts (1/4 of a small beet) and remember all green veggies
go well together but when you add carrots or peppers they can turn the
drink muddy looking. Still that’s just the color.. and if it tastes good, does it really matter?

Use herbs and spices like ginger or
garlic, dried herbs etc very sparingly! Otherwise just have a go.. use
the same instincts we used for years when feeding our families! Enjoy!

If you come up with juice recipe that really works for you please share it with us by sending it to me using my Contact Me page!

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