Healthy Diet Snacks for Boomer Weight Loss!

Healthy Diet Snacks
make or break!

Success Strategy #1 have healthy diet snacks at the ready when boredom, hunger or the munchies strike!

There are of course hundreds of options but some of them will work for you better than others. So instead of filling your fridge with celery and carrots I want to inspire you to find your best combinations and have the ingredients available at all times!

  • On this page you will find an image that you can download to your computer. Print it and hang it on your fridge if you need inspiration before you open the door!
  • Lists of snacks in categories. sweet, savory, toppings and dips. Nuts, seeds, berries and grains. Think warmed or cold, mixed and chopped, dipped or crunchy. Think small portions planned just like your meals.

crisp bread
oat cakes
whole wheat pitta (small piece)
rice cakes

Cereals, grains

bran flakes

Fruit and berries


Veggies crudite, or steamed from yesterday!

spinach, carrots, broccoli
cauliflower, peas, beans

Mini quick salad

baby spinach,
cucumber spring onions,
avocado 1/4,
tuna in water,
shreds of cold meat or fish turkey, chicken,
salmon, mackerel,
cheese (few cubes)

Toppings savory
light cheese wedge
cottage cheese
light cream cheese

and sweet

fat free dessert (small tub), apple sauce with a sprinkle of cinnamon,
fruit compote without sugar

Nuts and seeds
almonds, brazil nuts
hazel nuts, walnuts
sunflower seeds
pumpkin seeds

Juices & Smoothies

Veggies whizzed with banana or avocado.

Fruits with Yoghurt or banana

Sweetest Indulgence!

Try grating 2 squares of dark chocolate into a cold Yoghurt or melting over strawberries!

Top oats or fruit salad with raisins or chopped nuts!

Stir a teaspoon of creme fraiche into a salad dressing for a deliciously creamy treat.

Preparing healthy diet snacks will keep you going until the next meal and keep you on your diet. We all know what happens after half a pack of biscuits at tea time…

So instead or grabbing a bar or an apple treat yourself to something that you really love! Mix ingredients and create tastes with herbs and spices or sweeten with a spot of honey or peanut butter.

Even a tiny portion of leftovers from last night warmed up can be so comforting until dinner time. Choose your diet snack foods wisely to ensure the ingredients will keep you full and boost energy rather than causing a mid afternoon melt down.

This page is part of the Boomer Diet Bootcamp All the dieting and weight loss tips are designed to ensure that we reach our goals on a healthy eating plan. Feeling well and looking good is as important as losing weight. Why not join us on Facebook

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