Understanding Leg Problems

Understanding Leg Problems

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Leg problems ranging from tired legs, swollen legs, leg cramps and spider veins to varicose veins and more are very common as we get older.

Hardly surprising when you consider how much leg work we have done by the time we reach 60.

The alarming thing is that many women don’t do anything about their leg problems. Putting them in the category of “comes with age”.

That may be true but there are many factors that contribute to these conditions. Which also means that there are probably lots ot things we can do to improve them.

Let’s take first the case of tired, achy, swollen legs. If symptoms like these occur toward the end of the day and are gone after a good nights rest, they are probably nothing to worry about. If you are worried or the symptoms have occurred suddenly then consult your doctor immediately.

To help us understand leg problems, think of the main veins that drain the legs like columns of fluid, with built in valves. If the back pressure becomes too great the circulatory fluids diffuse
into the tissues and cause swelling, tingling, aching and general discomfort.