Diminish Dark Circles Under Eyes

Diminish Dark Circles under Eyes.

Removing or reducing dark circles under eyes along with puffiness and wrinkles could improve the way we look and feel tremendously.

Some Causes and Possible Cures.

It’s worth looking into some of the things that cause or worsen
the condition. Hereditary dark circles cannot be cured but we can master
the art of applying make up to reduce their appearance.

You might want to first check with your doctor that the dark circles
and puffiness are not an indication of a medical problem e.g Kidney or
liver related conditions. If we can eliminate those possible causes then
we can begin looking at diet and lifestyle very carefully.

Could any of the following be contributing to your dark circles under eyes, puffiness or wrinkles?

  • Foods heavy with fat and salt and very spicy foods.
  • Alcohol
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Insufficient sleep
  • Sleeping on a very flat pillow can hinder lymph drainage
  • Sun damage.
  • Habitual rubbing or stretching of skin around the eyes.
  • Insufficient specific eye skincare.

Changes in any of these areas
can produce remarkable results within weeks or even days. And not only
around the eyes.. most of the points above will be responsible in part
for enlarged pores and facial redness so you might find changes will have far reaching positive effects!
Lots of reasons to reduce fat and salt in
your diet. Enjoy a glass or two of wine just on weekends and always
drink lots of water. This helps to flush out toxins and hydrate the
whole body. Read this important information about Why is Water Important and I promise you’ll be drinking more tomorrow!

The delicate skin around the eyes is probably the most neglected.
It is vital to use anti aging eye creams, everything else is too heavy.
Choose an anti aging eye cream or serum that is designed to reduce dark circles under eyes, puffy eyes and tiny lines and wrinkles.

Olay Regenerist have made a huge impact on the anti aging skin care market with innovative and powerful products at very reasonable prices. Recently they launched the Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum which has had an equally remarkable reception from the mature women of this world.

The Eye Derma-Pods offer 3 exceptional benefits.

This remarkable serum is light and non greasy which means it’s absorbed immediately
and you don’t have to wait before applying make up. It comes in a
dispenser which keeps it totally bacteria free and makes it easy to
travel with. Used morning and evening it promises to brighten, tighten and firm.
Improving the the appearance of the skin around the eyes hydrating,
filling and smoothing like a fabulously expensive serum and costing a fraction of the price.

Another option is the Regenerist Advanced Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Anti-Aging Roller
This not only promises to lift and smooth away the appearance of tiny
lines and wrinkles but with it’s amino peptide complex it’s goal is to
reduce dark circles under eyes, minimise bags and puffiness and actually
brighten the whole eye area. This serum can be used morning and evening to hydrate and plump the skin around the eyes.

way I see it is.. if we can get stunning results from products in this
range at an affordable price why invest more? It leaves money in the
bank for lots of other little luxuries!

Eyes are the windows to the Soul

to do something relaxing before bed and get lots of good quality sleep.
Eat earlier, avoid alcohol and see if a slightly higher pillow helps.

Most anti aging eye creams contain an SPFactor but it is still a good idea to treat yourself to some fabulous shades
and wear them even when it isn’t very sunny.Choose the frames carefully
though. They should not rest on the delicate skin under your eyes.

and stretching the delicate eye area causes damage. Unwashed hands can
leave traces of dirt or substances that can cause infection or
irritation. If your eyes are sore after reading or working on the
computer use an eye lotion to soothe them.

extra special care of the skin around the eyes will revitalize the
skin, boost your confidence and bring back that sparkle!

What about a new mascara or a stunning new eyeshadow?

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