Anti Aging Skincare Facts and Understanding Mature Skin

Anti Aging Skincare Facts
and Understanding Mature Skin

Do you find anti aging skincare facts difficult to understand or even keep up with. The Beauty Industry spends millions on research and also on advertising their Miracle Ingredients for very mature skin.

The names of some of them remind us of chemistry class don’t they!

Do You Find This Confusing?

Do you know the difference between Hyaluronic Acid and Glycolics? Or Retinol and Ceramids? No? Then before you rush out and spend a fortune on your next miracle lets take a look at some anti aging skincare facts.. and find out what makes mature skin look like it does.

I want to tell you briefly about Skin structure at 20 years old and the changes that take place by 60.What is missing and…how we can put it back

  • THE EPIDERMIS is the uppermost layer and is thinnest on the eyelids.
    Cells are produced at the base of the layer and move upwards to the
    outer layer (skin surface) in 15 to 30 days. The cells are plump and
    hold lots of moisture.
  • THE DERMIS below is thicker than the
    epidermis and this is where we find Collagen and Elastin. Collagen
    supports and plumps the skin making it strong, resilient and able to
    stretch. Elastin is responsible for elasticity and prevents sagging.
  • THE SUBCUTANEOUS layer is mostly fat and vitally important for keeping youthful facial contours.

The Unwelcome Changes

tell us that the aging process begins in our late 20s. No wonder then,
that by 50 – 60 lots of unwelcome changes have taken place…

  • The
    production of cells in the Epidermis slows down and the cells are not
    replaced as quickly. The dead cells or tired cells on the surface look
    very dull. The ability of the cells to hold moisture is lessened and so
    the skin becomes ever thinner and more dry.
  • In the
    Dermis, production of Collagen and Elastin has slowed down resulting in
    less support, less bulk and less resilience. Skin looks flatter and
    wrinkles form. Particularly around the eyes and mouth, skin begins to
    sag due to lack of elasticity.
  • Subcutaneous fat is lost causing a more fragile, sagging appearance

The Anti Aging Skincare facts

Mature skin needs moisture to encourage that dewy look. The cells need to be nudged into reproducing and replacing the surface layer more quickly to counteract dullness. To regain plumpness and elasticity we need to promote the building of collagen. No better time to do that than while you sleep.

and… here’s the good news!

There are a host of remarkable products and anti aging treatments on the market in all price categories. Choose the right product or combination of products and you can achieve better hydration, faster turnover of skin cells and reduce the appearence of lines and wrinkles.

help you to choose and prevent you making expensive mistakes I have put
together some information on which products do what and how they can be
combined to form a simple daily anti aging skincare routine.

Vichy Liftactiv Derm Source Anti-wrinkle and Firming Care Dry Skin

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Splash out on a luxurious serum or relaxing facial to do at home. The
effect can be quite stunning even after one treatment. Great before a
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Liftactiv Derm Source is said to target collagen cells directly to encourage them to produce collagen at the level of a younger body.

I can almost hear you saying…

What about uneven skin texture, uneven colour, enlarged pores, blotches reddened skin, spider veins and dark circles under eyes.

are of course products and treatments that address these problems too.
Some to use at home and others can be performed by a specialist or

I hope this simple explanation of anti aging skincare facts has helped you. Now just smile, find out whats to do and

Go be beautiful!

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