Thinning Hair, Styling Tips for Mature Women

Thinning Hair: Styling Tips

Nothing can be more frightening to a woman than the experience of thinning hair. There are many reasons for this and some we do have control over.
Before going into a full panic, it is best to regroup and assess what may be the cause and then work on a plan to either slow, stop, or counter what may be causing the catastrophe.

The Root of the Problem

When I hear a women say her hair is thinning I always ask a few questions. First off, if any new stresses have entered her life. I do not mean bills, the boss, the kids but ones that are either sudden or abnormal.

Things like a death in the family, divorce, and job loss can cause the body to shift and pull reserves away from hair growth to maintain the important systems. If these types of causes are contributing to your hair loss, it will (in time) correct itself. Just remember it takes time for hair to grow back to a noticeable length.

Recent surgery and medication changes can also alter the way hair grows. Sometimes this takes time for the loss to become noticeable. Since your body does not “need” hair, the body will pull all nutrients to aid in the recovery of your health. If the medication is a “long-term” requirement, you may want to express your concerns to your doctor. You may also want to ask if certain vitamins or nutritional supplements are in order.

Do’s & Don’ts!

If your thinning hair is something you simply have genetically or is part of your life’s path, there are other things to think about. One is to make sure you do not use too many chemical services. Things like color and perms can take their toll on thinning hair as there is not as much strength in numbers. Make sure your stylist respects your hair and helps you with an ongoing plan for creating styles that flatter, but that they also offer you “tricks of the trade” to make the most of your fabric.

A Few Clever Tricks!

  • First of all, if you can “see through” your hair, do not be shy about adding a bit of base teasing to the scalp. Do not be tempted to over-do this as the hair can look even thinner, but just enough to balance your shape. Leave the ends free enough to softly style.
  • Be cautious of parts . They will show more scalp. I often recommend that people do a diagonal part. Start where you normally would part but instead of going straight back; go back in toward the center. This helps balance the density on each side of the part and shows less scalp.
  • A shiny scalp can show off sparse hair . I recommend that you take a make-up pad and use it to dab a body powder onto more exposed parts of your scalp before styling. It will eliminate shine, help absorb perspiration and oil, and does help with volume (a simple but widely used tip) Then simply spray as usual!

Yes, thinning hair can be disheartening but you can rise to the challenge. If your hair loss has come on by recent stress or illness, consult with your doctor about alternatives or supplements you can take to help. If it is genetics, seek out a stylist who specializes in thinning hair as it truly is an art to make the most of what you have. Finally though remember that true beauty comes not from what is on the top of your head..

but what shines from a light within!

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