Best Hair Conditioner? How To Select The Right One!

Best Hair Conditioner? Which One Does What?

Selecting the best hair conditioner is an important decision in maintaining the quality of your hair fabric. It also protects your investment in any chemical services (color, highlights or perm) you have.

Conditioners balance hair’s moisture content, give
structural integrity,

and also improve the cosmetic appearance. However, many women become confused by the sheer mass of available products. Improper selection can add weight or alter the look and feel of your hair making it more difficult to style.
To help you select the best hair conditioner let’s look into the three main categories of product and what each is designed to do.

Daily Conditioners

These are the conditioners that tandem with and support your shampoo. My personal opinion is not to buy the two-in-one products that contain both. They work against each other, shampoos lift and conditioners deposit.
Your daily conditioner is something you can use intuitively. Forget the directions on the bottle for a moment. First, if you feel you can go a day without your conditioner–fine. If you only want it on the ends of your hair–brilliant. If you need to dump a palm full on–no worries. I always advise to start with a small amount on the ends for a few moments and rinse.
Experiment with the amount and where it goes until you achieve the bounce and stylability without the dreaded greasy roots and lank ends!

Leave-in Conditioners

These handy items are the best hair conditioner for detangling and as a buffer from blowdryer heat. They are also handy to keep in a beach bag to protect your hair while sun-bathing. Some have a mild sunscreen but to protect the condition and color it’s still best to cover up!
These products have a viscosity like water and will not weigh down most hair. If you fear that a daily conditioner is too heavy, try a leave-in.

Nexxus Humectress Luxe Ultimate Moisturizing Leave-In Spray is an extremely light spray for any hair type. The Nexxus lipids deliver hydration deep into the hair shaft. Non sticky, leaves hair soft and manageable.

These are applied to towel-dried hair and not rinsed. A few pumps misted on the hair and combed through may be all your hair needs. For those who have really long hair, damaged hair, or tangled hair (kids), these can be a lifesaver. It’s also okay to use them in tandem with your daily conditioner you use in the shower. Just like the above mention, you can always add more, but if you use too much, it is back to the shower!

Deep Conditioners

Deep conditioners are treatments often recommended for dryer hair, damaged hair, or those who have perms or color services. These are typically a thicker product like a mask and are meant to stay on for ten to twenty minutes with the application of heat. This causes the cuticles along the hair shaft to open and allow for deeper penetration of the active components.
Deep conditioners can do some repair and many types have ingredients that seal surface damage to hair which can work wonders for the shine factor! Use them once or twice per month as needed but be careful before a special occassion because this sort of treatment can leave your hair very soft!
The Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask is a good place to begin because it is affordable and not too heavy. It repairs and hydrates, smells good and promotes a super glossy finish.

In your search for the best hair conditioner I recommend being cautious of the hot oil brands if you have fine or thin hair. These can add weight and leave your hair difficult to style. You may even have difficulty removing the deposit from your hair.

Pamper TIP!

Here is a way to give your hair a special treat at home using your best hair conditioner. Shampoo and towel dry your hair. Take your daily, in-shower conditioner or deep conditioner and apply enough to cover your hair completely. Clip loose ends in a bun if your hair is longer. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap completely covering your hair. Use a blowdryer on low heat to gently warm your head. Wrap in a towel to hold the heat and allow to slowly cool on its own over twenty minutes. In the gentle heat your hair has time to assimilate the ingredients in the conditioner and restore the smooth, shimmery look that’s so much younger! Rinse in cool water.

Perfect moment for a face mask or manicure.. Go Diva!

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