Hair Styling Ideas, Products For The Finishing Touch!

Hair Styling Ideas & Special Effects!

Hair Styling Ideas With Special Effects!
How many times have you sat in your stylist’s chair wondering how they got your hair to look the way they did? The secret often lies in the styling products.

These products are the ones often used right before hairspray and are where the little special effects occur. Styling aids such as pomades, waxes, pastes, and shiners focus on the cosmetic beauty of your look and increase your control over texture, frizz, and shine. Here is a little insight on the most popular of these valuable products and how to use them to achieve those younger looking, hair styling ideas.

Pomades.. are a thick product typically found in small jars or tubs. They often focus on clear shine. Used by men and women alike, pomades give pliability to hair and are not so much for hold as a product to give definition to curl, layers, and texture. This is a good product to squeeze small amounts into curly hair or permed hair to aid in the reduction of frizz and split ends.

Waxes.. are similar to pomades but are typically a bit dryer in nature. They are found in a variety of packages, and like pomades are used in small amounts to activate texture and offer a lesser amount of shine as their primary function. They are good for tousled looks and due to their dryer nature, some degree of volume can be expected. Waxes are the best products to bring to life cropped, textured, and choppy looks. Paul Mitchell Wax Works
will give medium hold to these hair styling ideas, but allow the wearer to be able to re-manipulate their hair throughout the day. The nature of these products does not dissipate as easily and you may find you need an extra shampoo to thoroughly remove them.

Pastes.. fall somewhere between pomades and waxes in strength. They offer a softer feel but often emulsify when massaging the product into your hands to apply. These are also good for texture, layers, and definition, but since they will absorb into the hair with a bit more softness, pastes will work well with medium length hair styles and long hair without appearing dirty. They give the bonus of a lived in hair feel. Pastes also work well with most sprays and will not fight you in trying to achieve hold. These are often easier to use as they will not get too greasy, too firm or tacky.

Shiners.. mainly come in drop form or in some cases mist. They are varying viscosities of silicone-types of products used to give cosmetic shine to hair. As they are heavier, you want to make sure to keep them off of your scalp or they will look oily. These work well in tandem with flat irons, and a little goes a long way. Apply only a drop or two at a time and increase accordingly. Since these have more of a liquid state, be cautious in your application initially to avoid overload. MOP Glisten Shine Drops may seem a little expensive but works like a dream and lasts forever!

These hair styling ideas and products can really improve your results and put that final touch to your style. Just remember that small amounts work best! Whether taming frizzies, or shattering your shape. Don’t get stuck in a style rut. Experiment when you have time and you’ll soon find your new, younger looking style is as easy as
putting on your mascara!

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