Permed Hair Styles, Shortcut to Body, Bounce, Curls or Curves!

Permed Hair Styles
Body, Bounce and Curls or Curves!

Permed hair styles were once the fashion statement and then fell from grace to where now they are asked for in a whisper.

Whether you have fine hair, straight hair, thin hair or simply covet the locks of your naturally curly sisters, perms can be a solution and are now looked upon as a tool as opposed to a style statement.

Gentle and so much better now!

For those who have endured the many evolutions of the permanent wave, it can cause shudders to recall some of the permed hair styles from your past whether by choice or accident. As technology has caught up with hair products, it has also optimised perm technology. The once ammonia smelling, fried remnants of a style gone awry is no longer a fear one needs to have. For those who simply still require the assistance from the little colored rods, here are a few tips.

Know what you want

Paramount is talking to a hairdresser that understands and respects your needs.. and this is why. As your style changes, so should your formula. Sometimes people fall into the “if it is not broke, don’t fix it” mindset. If you change your color or start coloring, you should consider a formula that is made for color. They have buffers and additives that retain moisture. If you have chosen to go grey and stop coloring your hair, your hair may require a stronger formula to tackle the grey as the porosity caused by coloring will now have shifted. Growing your hair longer or cutting it shorter may also change the needs of your formula. Bottom line is to discuss the changes and the possible adjustments necessary.


For those who have changed medications or gone through recent surgery, these medications can alter the processing time of perms. I have found that they have also caused perms to not take at all or simply wilt in a few days. Be sure to let your hairdresser know prior to applying the solution if either of these has happened to you.

Endless possibilities!

Body, bounce, curls or curves the possibilities for permed hair styles are endless! To create a natural curl look, your stylist should select two to three different rod sizes to simulate the erratic nature of natural curl. For those who need body, a softer under-perm can be a choice (perming only the underneath section of hair from the crown downward.) This is good for people who still want to blow their hair straight and the remaining unpermed straight hair on top forgives any blowdry indiscretions. There are spiral wraps, stacking wraps, candlestick wraps, on-and-on. There are no set rules for rod placement and design, so get creative! The key element here is to envision a look you want and find where a perm may be able to create the support, curl, or structure you need.

Silent Supporter!

The pick-and-go permed hair styles of the eighties are long gone and perms today can offer a huge variety of options to help nudge your hair into the direction you want it to go. Countless styling products to help you manage, add shine or defination are available too. Just make sure to have an open dialogue with your hairdresser about what you wish to achieve. If you are flexible and don’t overdo it, perms can still be your silent companion in creating the hairstyles you were meant to have.

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