Best Hairspray to Stay On Top Of Your Style!

Best Hairspray
To Help You Stay On Top Of Your Style!

Whether you are looking for lacquer or lift, finding the best hairspray to contain your coif requires a bit more knowledge than the location of your closest beauty supply outlet.
There are two main categories to choose from, they are spritzes and aerosols. After that the functional spectrum broadens allowing you to venture into a search for the perfect hair companion.

Spritz or..

Let’s speak of spritzes first. Spritzes or pump-propelled (non-aerosol) sprays became very popular in the eighties.

This is for a couple of reasons. In the eighties hair was permed, teased, and larger than life. The spritzes damp mist gave a degree of definition and shine to the curls that were often in a state of moisture deficit. Cosmetically, the resins that made the spritzes work also coated the hair a bit more therefore imparting shine (a plastic coating to be honest). Since the hair was very processed and moisture depleted, volume was achieved easier. Also the “wetness” of the spritz gave people time to tease, lift, and mold the hair as they positioned it. So the bottom line is, if your hair is curly, spritzes may work. If you like a non-aerosol or pump hairspray then reach for spritz. My choice.. Aveda Witch Hazel Pump Hair Spray it’s light to medium hold and works well even on fine hair or curly hair. Spray directly on your hair or scrunch in with your fingers for a casual, more tousled look.


Aerosols became the beauty pariah at a point a handful of years ago due to the aerosol propellants. Since many of the laws regulating this type of packaging changed in the early nineties, the products are now more earth-friendly (if you recycle the container.) Aerosols offer many more options nowadays than the early predecessors that smelled of polymer chemicals and built up on the hair. Current resin technology offers water-soluble sprays, pleasing fragrances, and a variety of strengths.

Aerosol Multi Talent!

I enjoy aerosols. Not all are made to hold up during hurricanes and honeymoons, and I recommend arming yourself with a couple of strengths for maximum control of your hair. My first favorite is a light hold aerosol hairspray like SHAPER ZERO GRAVITY a dry brushable, lightweight control hairspray. This product will almost feel like there is nothing coming out of the can when sprayed on your hand. These are the best hairsprays for upstyle work or bob type moving styles. They give a bit of “oomph” to your curling iron sections and also offer a bit of margin for error when styling. Most companies offer light hold/mist sprays and they will be great when you only need a pinch or want to tame loose ends.

Capture The Moment!

The other tool to have in your cabinet is a medium to firm hold spray. You can always add more spray so opt for the lower unless you like large hard styles. Paul Mitchell Super Extra Clean Firm-Hold finishing spray is firm but not hard, is great protection on damp days and even has a sun protection.

These are the best hairsprays to use after you have gotten your style where you like it and want to capture the moment before leaving your home. Hold the sprays about twelve inches away and allow the stream to “precipitate” on your style so you do not get an opaque, white buildup. Give a close burst to the scalp in areas such as the crown for extra support.

Tip to remove hairspray buildup: Make a paste of hot water, a pump of shampoo, baking soda, and a splash of vinegar. Take the paste and firmly massage into buildup and comb through, after a few minutes shampoo and condition.

A good product will hold invisibly and protect against dampness so don’t just go for the cheapest. Find your best hairspray and make it “a can’t be without” part of your daily beauty regimen. Don’t be afraid to experiment or combine products.

Today’s technology offers great hair holding options so, by using the best hairspray..

you only have great hair days!

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