Interviewing A New Hair Stylist

Interviewing A New Hair Stylist!

It is said that women would rather find a new doctor before having to find a new hair stylist.

Sadly, the need can happen for whatever reason and you must embark into the dark waters of finding a new coiffure confidant.

Here are a “few tips” to at least make the first date a bit easier.

  • Let go of the past!

    If you left on either good or bad terms, do not spend the valuable consultation time comparing your new stylist to your old one. As it would not be fair to a potential mate, it is also not fair to either dreamily sing the praises of your last stylist who moved away, nor is it to assume because the last one took a divot out of your bangs, so will your new stylist.

  • Do’s and don’ts!

    With the above kept in mind, spend a few moments telling a few details of what you DO like, and a few of what you DON’T like. Many people dwell on one or the other and it is wise to cover both bases to give your new hair stylist a chance to better hit your target.

  • Pictures are great!

    Here is how to use pictures. Clip different pictures of what you like in categories. Snip a photo of how you like your fringe/bangs. Snip another of a great neckline. Snip yet another of the type of layers and length you like. Look for a picture of the goals you have eventually and also look for color and silhouette. This way you can create a storyboard of a journey and a desired look as opposed to trying to find the one perfect picture. Your new hair stylist will welcome a communication tool.

  • Mutual respect!

    You know your hair, they know hair. You should be given the respectful opportunity to speak clearly and thoroughly about your hair and what you like. The hairdresser deserves respect from the standpoint that he/she is a trained professional. If a client comes in and tries to act as if they are the hair expert, the relationship will suffer. If the stylist tries to take too much charge and does not listen the relationship will suffer. The key word here is mutual and the second keyword is relationship!

  • Sample the work!

    One thing I always told clients when they would move is to simply schedule a style appointment first. This way you will have more time to chat prior to committing your hair to shears or chemical. This is best when you still are enjoying your style at it’s peak as opposed to way over due. You will also get a chance to see the stylists demeanor, their touch, their skills, the salon, and if they cannot finish your hair well, you may not want them removing it!

These are just a few ways to help alleviate the pain of transition. One of the simplest ways is to look around you.

Whose hair do you admire?

Ask them for a referral, but remember everyone is different as are the relationships, so understand a referral does not ensure success.

You still need to interview. No salon’s ad will state, “We are undertrained and offensive!” Seeking a new hair stylist can be exciting if you keep an open-mind and practice some of the tips.

You just may find a new treasure awaits!

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