Zumba Videos Can Help Older Beginners Get Started!

Zumba Videos.. Your First Steps!

Video Page!

Like the idea of a dance workout but don’t know what to expect?

Take a look through these Zumba videos to find out how easy it is to burn between 500 and 800 calories whilst having a blast!

You might think that Zumba Dance exercise is too much for you but the opposite is true!
It is in fact a wonderful opportunity for us to school our rhythm, flexibility and the all important posture.

These Zumba Videos show you how simple movements and steps build sequences that quickly become a dance. The instructors are trained to choreograph dance movements that hone major muscle groups in a fun dancy way.

Our problem zones after 60

  • Core Muscles and Abs
    A multitude of twists and shaking movements massage and work our core muscles especially the abs.

  • Upper Arms and Shoulders
    Watch how the arms become a big part of the action, toning and honing those wobbly bits and softening tight shoulders.

  • Legs and Inner Thighs
    What about the tops of our legs.. inner thighs? Thought nothing would work? The Zumba workout features steps, walks, kicks and jumps to target and tighten those leg muscles.