Best Energy Food “Get Up And Go” Without The Low!

Best Energy Food
How to Reclaim Your Vitality!

Lost your drive? Feel heavy and tired?

Introduce some of the best energy food into your diet and you will feel more energized within days!

When we eat the wrong foods they take too much time to digest and that uses lots of energy. With some foods we get a quick energy boost followed by a debilitating low.

The best food contains a balance of lean proteins, non starchy carbohydrates and lots of high water content fruit and vegetables.

Some of the best anti aging food belongs to these categories. Excellent sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre.

So let’s look at making some changes.

  • Whole Wheat Bread or wraps.
    The whole grain is used to make this flour and it contains all the complex nutritional benefits. broccoli
    The fibre keeps you fuller longer and it tastes better than simple white bread that offers NO nutritional value and on the contrary clogs up the works!
  • Vegetables
    Especially the leafy kind like spinach or kale contain fibre and iron along with masses of imortant vitamins and minerals. Broccoli is also a super energy booster and works wonders for the immune system too.
  • Beans and Legumes
    These are a great source of lean protein and fibre and an excellent food for energy. Always rinse the canned variety well to get rid of added salt and if you have more time choose the dried version for more essential nutrients.
  • Oily Fish
    A sadly overlooked type of protein with the added benefit of Omega 3 oils. A non saturated oil that is great for skin, heart and is also said to lower tryglycerides.
    Salmon is one of the best energy foods, delicious and amongst the best food for losing weight too!

  • Fruits and Berries
    The first to mind is of course the humble apple! A quick to hand snack which never fails to sustain energy until the next meal.
    Try to use them more in fruit salads, with cheese (the low fat sort) and grated into salads for a fresh crunchy pick me up!
    Berries too are a great food for energy, light and fresh but choc full of antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • Nuts and Seeds
    This delicious recommendation comes with a word of warning. Whilst nuts and seeds are a fine food for energy they are high in calories! So whether it’s almonds, walnuts or brazil nuts, sesame seeds or sunflower seeds remember they are a great snack but don’t over do it!
  • Water
    Yep, just plain old water! If you are dehydrated tiredness is one of the first symptoms.. often thought to be hunger. So before you attempt to boost your energy with food.. drink a glass of water!

This best energy food list is a great place to start to make changes to your diet. Look out for recipes to vary how you serve foods and always stay open for trying new foods. Beans or legumes, whole wheat bread or berries with joghurt for breakfast!

Claw back that energy and lust for life!

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