Fitness Training Plan for Women Over 60!

Fitness Training Plan
Challenge Yourself!

The Goal of this fitness training plan is get fit at a pace that suits us. To lose pounds gradually and feel more energised, free of aches and pains and most of all confident!

I want to keep it simple, free and make it as much fun as possible for us all!

Here’s my take on why no fitness and diet plan seems to work for us after 60. And below, what we can do together on the Back to Fitness Challenge to make it work for us this time!

  1. We do too much exercise too soon and give up
    because of tiredness and aches and pains.
  2. We don’t eat enough or not the right foods
  3. We lose enthusiasm before the pounds
  4. We give up after a bad day or week
  5. We forget how important sleep and hydration are.
  6. We don’t really believe we can become fit and lose pounds.


How to make it work for you this time!

  1. Establish how far you can walk comfortably and how often. This is your starting point and the challenge will be to better that benchmark every week and every month. Record the numbers in your fitness log . You can “up” the distance, shorten the time and burn more calories as you get fitter.
    You can use a pedometer to measure your steps, the time taken and the calories burned. If you don’t have a pedometer you can drive the intended walk first to see how far it is or you can simply use time as a measure for your fitness training plan. I have some charts that give an indication of time = distance and calories burned. All these numbers are an indication that you are doing a little more every week and getting stronger and they can be great motivators!

  2. Learning to choose the right foods to give us energy and avoid the foods that cause energy slumps and bad moods is very important. The time you take to understand the Glycaemic Index (GI) what I call the high energy diet will be perhaps the most valuable investment you make toward maintaining your preferred weight as you get older. I have recommended links to websites that contain simple explanations and offer recipes. A pocket guide to GI Index is a good idea to get you started and to understand how fitness and diet plan work together.

  3. We can be each others cheer leaders! Sharing our goals, tips and recipes reminds us we are not alone on this get fit mission! Even women we may consider confident and content, worry about gradual weight gain and are concerned they are becoming totally un-fit.
    Join us on my Facebook page Anti Aging in Action and tell us where you are from and how you are doing. We can spur each other on to go that extra mile!!!

  4. Falling off the wagon is no longer a problem. More than any thing we will understand that we all have weak moments but that it’s not a reason to give up. This fitness training plan is not a contract with a penalty. There is no deadline.. just a desire to feel fit and full of energy. Maintaining our desired weight for the rest of our lives effortlessly is the prize! Most of us will need encouragement at some stage and it will be available 24/7!

  5. Drinking water helps our body to rid itself of the toxins stored in the fat we are burning off with exercise. Remember why water is important for hydrating, detoxing and reducing wrinkles for free! Plus thirst is sometimes interpreted as hunger.. so drink a glass of water instead! Drink more water will be a mantra during this fitness training plan.

  6. Sleep tight! A fitness exercise plan, fresh air, the right foods and a better mood are conducive to quality sleep and wellbeing. Walking for fitness will almost certainly make you tired earlier in the evening and ready to go to bed. Sleeping more soundly alone is worth the effort of walking and exercise. If you usually don’t sleep very well this phenomenon will amaze you and make you feel wonderful!

Believe you can.. Or believe you can’t

Believing in ourselves and our capabilities is paramount to our success. I believe that after 60 we can still achieve almost anything.. we just need a different strategy to when we were 40! The Back to Fitness Challenge is the one.
We are mature women.. use all that you have learned in life. Plan, learn, listen, keep trying, go slowly at first, listen some more and keep a vision of your success in mind at all times!

Make this fitness training plan the last one you’ll ever need!

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