Fitness Charts To Motivate and Measure Your Success!

Fitness Charts
To Motivate and Measure Your Success!

FREE Fitness Charts!

You Made it!

Welcome to the Back to Fitness Challenge!

On this page you will find some fitness charts and other downloadable information. The idea is to make this challenge as much fun as possible and provide you with tools and tips to maintain your enthusiasm.

Where to start..  

First thing we need to establish is where we are now. That is your current weight and measurements. Weigh yourself in the morning without clothes and in the following weeks try to always weigh yourself at the same time of day. Take your measurements carefully and record them together with your current weight in the Chart below.


This is important because as we get fitter (building muscle tissue) sometimes we will see evidence of success in our measurements sooner than on the scales. This is because muscle weighs more than fat, so in becoming toned we might notice our clothes feel loose but we don’t appear to have lost pounds. Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat so eventually you will see a difference on the scales too.
Until this happens, knowing you have lost an inch (or a few centimeters) off your waistine and upper arms is enormously motivating!

Know how you’re doing..
When we know exactly how we’re doing we can up the pace!

A glance at your fitness log will tell you the total distance you walked in a week and motivate you to go further next week. Your interest in the time it took will be stimulated and you’ll find yourself wanting to shorten that by a few minutes too. Update your fitness log every time you walk or exercise and the totals after a month will amaze you! From inactive to walking 10 kilometers a week or 5 every day will impress you so much you’ll want to make this a permanent fitness walking program . There is enough space to note if your walk was uphill or flat or even if it was tough or getting easier! Use the fitness charts to pat yourself on the back for getting this far and motivate you further!

HERE download your FREE FITNESS LOG! and lets get going!

If you miss out a few days DON’T give up, just get back on track and maybe even make up for it by the end of the week! We are all human and you won’t be the only one who goes missing now and again.

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What’s All This About?
You can read more about the Back To Fitness Challenge on the pages for high energy diet and how to eat smart move more The goal is to encourage women over 60 to get back To fitness , reclaim energy and vitality and achieve and maintain their preferred weight. We would love you to join us from where ever you are on my Anti Aging Facebook page (link above) or here on the website.

Make this the last Fitness Training Plan you’ll ever need!

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