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Horoscope for Aquarius
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Barbara Goldsmith delivers the horoscope for Aquarius in her fun but practical and clear style. Enjoy!

But first a few words about the personal traits of
the exciting Aquarius Woman

Aquarians are interesting, attractive people who can be shy, sensitive, very helpful,enigmatic and sometimes likely to be very independent and…exhibitionists!

They will stand up for their opinions but interestingly can always see both sides of an argument.
They can be creative, caring, farsighted and always the upfront volunteer.

Prefering to be the Pied Piper, Aquarians like to lead rather than follow although they make good team players.

However, beware the upset Aquarian their reactions can range from a deafening silence to red hot temper with sometimes more than a dash of rudeness!!

Generally Aquarians will always be helpful and a likeable people, romantic yet forever practical but the unprejudiced Aquarian will fight to the bitter end for the truth.
Aquarian Woman loves friends but above all a friend must have honesty and integrity to remain part of the fold and lesser men should keep their distance!

Famous Aquarians are..
Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Aniston, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Mia Farrow, Jane Seymour, Geena Davis
Carmen Miranda, Chritian Dior, Wolgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Dickens, Jules Verne,
Abraham Lincoln, F.D.Roosevelt, Lewis Caroll, Buzz Aldrin, Placido Domingo,
Ronald Reagan, and John Travolta.

– Birthdays from 20th January to 18th February

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