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Horoscope for Virgo
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Barbara Goldsmith delivers the horoscope for Virgo in her fun but practical and clear style. Enjoy!

But first a few words about the personal traits of
the Virgo Women.

She is efficient, organized, methodical and sometimes decribed as a career woman who enjoys the plattitudes for her complete competence.

Armed with an acute memory and imagination Virgo Women may find her niche in law, research, accounting or languages.

A skilled negotiator she will be at the forefront in the settlement of a dispute reaching an amicable solution to suit all.

Good with finances and not prone to extravagence she is fully grounded living in the practical world. However, prone to anxiety the Virgo Women could worry for the entire family!

She has a critical nature and can be very demanding but does not take kindly to the thought that she could be wrong!

Virgo Women can be charming, witty and full of courage but conversely have a lifelong wish for improvement and perfection to the point of being irksome. This is borne of the need to be recognised and appreciated for their efforts.

Famous Virgos are..
Ingrid Bergman, Mother Theresa, Lauren Bacall, Sophia Loren, Twiggy, Cameron Diaz, Agatha Christie, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Michael Jackson, Leonard Bernstein, Hugh Grant

Virgo – Birthdays from 23rd August to 22nd September.

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