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Horoscope for Sagittarius
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Barbara Goldsmith delivers the horoscope for Sagittarius in her fun but practical and clear style. Enjoy!

But first a few words about the personality traits of

the Sagittarius Woman

Think of a clear headed, forward thinking , blunt, effervescent tomboy and you will find Sagittarius Woman.

She seeks adventure, is always on the move, imaginitive, energised and fiercly independent. On the flip side this can lead to impatience, leaping before looking, talking before thinking and restlessness.

Equality is the chant of the Sagittarian Woman, who feels the equal of any man. Domesticity is way down her list of important things!

As a shopper she is unlikely to be deterred by a price tag and will buy with credit on the basis that it can always be paid later. Sagittarius Woman purchased the reputation of being careless and extravagant!

In the animal kingdom she is the leader of the herd the untamable wild horse. But be careful not to follow too close for she is liable to take one huge leap of faith on the basis that someone might just catch her!

A partner for the Sagittarian Woman would need to display a reflective character, someone who could stand alongside, be just as independent and up for adventure! A thick skin might help too!

Famous Sagittarians are..
Jane Fonda, Dame Judi Dench, Mary Martin, Julianne Moore, Edith Piaf, Chris Evert, Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Steven Spielberg, Samuel L. Jackson and Frank Sinatra.

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