Online Photography Lessons for Mature Women

Online Photography Lessons :
Turn Your Pictures Into Your Passion!

Our Guest author Angela Patterson is the creator of
Beginner Photography Guide .

Online photography lessons as a hobby or, put another way, photography as an adventure and perfect anti aging solution!

“Why? Well, why not? .

Are you aware of how it feels to be in the moment, totally immersed and seemingly oblivious to anything except what’s happening in the now?

beePhotography is like this. It can certainly be a very rewarding and enlightening hobby and, contrary to the view of some, is easier to learn than you may think.

Photography as a hobby creates all kinds of experiences.
For example, everything from sharing photos to show friends what
you’ve been up to, recording special family events and the thrill of photographing grandchildren.
Being totally immersed in the wonders of nature, the satisfaction from knowing how to take good pictures and understanding your equipment are all part of the adventure, too.

baldhillsWhat if you’ve recently embarked on photography as a new hobby, everything is really exciting and then you unpacked the box? First of all, congratulations!
You are not alone if you’re not sure where to begin.

You simply need building blocks of knowledge clearly presented and applicable to your skill level. Believe it or not, over time even the dreaded camera manual will begin to make sense. But where can you access online photography lessons to help you gain this knowledge?

Beginner Photography Guide is a Web site full of beginner photography tips
specifically for “keeping photography simple and fun.” Regardless of whether you’re a beginner photographer or you began in the days of film it’s never too late to learn a few helpful photography techniques.

butterfly“My digital camera is my new best friend.”

My partner, Wendy, and I call ourselves the Ditch Divas – we like to travel country roads and explore nature in the ditches and road sides. In teaching “photo playshops” we use this expression often as we encourage mature women to become adventuresome photographers. With some online photography lessons, your digital (or film) camera can become your best friend, too.

We find this is a wonderful way to stay young. Photography as a hobby encourages the learning of new skills, the developing and expanding on one’s creativity and a tapping in to a woman’s intuition. In addition, there’s the benefit of making new friends who share a common interest, photography encourages travel and, very likely, leads to a new purpose in life.

Beginner Photography Guide is all about helping the beginner photographer in you develop new skills. Quite possibly skills you never knew you had.

  • Do you find yourself taking pictures using the “automatic” camera setting most of the time?
  • Are some of your pictures blurry, too light or too dark and you don’t know how to correct this?
  • Perhaps you love the creative effects such as intentionally blurred backgrounds in still pictures or that soft feathery look of water in streams and waterfalls but don’t know the how to.
  • Do you find composition a challenge because you want to include everything and then the photo looks cluttered?

With these online photography lessons you can begin to learn about and improve any area you choose. At Beginner Photography Guide I write about a number of challenges and then explain what you can do about them. Complete with visual examples and suggestions for fun hands on practice. I’ll encourage you to simply take photos and begin to feel more comfortable using your camera.


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You’ll find camera diagrams and easy to understand explanations to help you feel comfortable turning dials and pushing buttons. Not only will you feel comfortable but you’ll understand what is happening and why. Just think you can amaze all of your friends with your new found photography skills and talent!

If you’re ready to embark on this adventure begin your online photography lessons today and turn your pictures into your passion!


Angela Patterson is passionate about photography, her website Beginner Photography Guide is devoted to making you a better photographer.

Her simple building block system will guide you from understanding your camera to taking pictures whilst having fun and building confidence. As you progress, photography techniques will become easier to understand and a whole new world will unfold as your pictures become your passion.

“Oh really!” said reality, “Why not?” said the dream

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