Best Hobby List for Mature Women

Inspirational Hobby List
for Mature Women

Creative, unusual, profitable or sporty?

Find your passion in this Hobby List or add one yourself!

Discovering a passion can change your life!

It can help you reclaim the luxury of time and use it to balance the changes in life. Something we love to do will give us the opportunity to look at life from a different angle.

Flying lessons may not be an option but find something that really gets your juices flowing, gets you excited!

Do you need a new perspective? New people in your life?

Would you like to revive an old skill or learn a new one?

Maybe a chance to earn some money
would be great!

At our age we have a treasure trove of experience, lots of skills learned along the way and the knowledge (albeit sometimes passive) of what makes us feel good.
What makes us feel alive, smile, laugh out loud and just be happy. Start something new.. it’s never too late!

So What kind of hobbies are there?

  • Unusual Hobbies
  • Creative Hobbies
  • Learning New Skill
  • Sporty Hobbies
  • Hobbies for Fitness Fans
  • Relaxing, Wellness Hobbies
  • Travel Hobbies
  • Volunteer Hobbies
  • Profitable Hobbies

Coming Soon!

Over the next weeks I will be writing reviews on exciting top hobbies for mature women and inviting experts to tell us about their hobbies.

The pages will include information, tips and links to websites where you can learn more. If you have a suggestion, great, just send me a message via my ‘contact me’ page.
Don’t forget my invitation at Hobbies For Women Around The World to write your own website page and tell us about your hobby. It’s really simple and we would love to hear from you.

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