Short Curly Hair Styles For A Younger Look!

Short Curly Hair Styles: Fun & Flirty At any Age!

Short curly hair styles can be a feminine, as well as an easy option for those with ringlets. In certain cases, it is more frustration than fashion to try to go against the nature of your hair. In the case of curly hair, it is often best to select one that embraces the nature of your curls as opposed to constantly trying to dominate them.

Here we will assume that the hair in question is naturally curly. It is what it is and we have hit the later stage of acceptance. By now we realize that natural curls have quirks that can make them unpredictable. They can change with the weather. The shape of your style can change like the clouds passing overhead. Short curly hair styles do seem to give a bit more control back to the wearer. By creating a shorter style, the hair retains the selected shape a bit better. However I do like to warn those who are a bit pernickety about the details, curly hair does not like to be micro-managed.

The Best Angles!
Styles that show angles seem to work well when dealing with curly hair. Think of your stacked “wedge” designs. These angles can be positioned around the face to slim and uplift and create a more youthful silhouette. In creating these angles though, I recommend layering the edges softly so the appearance is more of a bevel so any “harder” lines are avoided.

Beware, The Bob!
When selecting a short curly hair style for natural curls, beware of the Bob designs. In some cases a short Bob will simply stack upon itself and take on the appearance of an open umbrella. It creates the appearance of width, and unless you have a narrow face, this may not flatter. If you have this design currently, try softly stacking the bottom line and adding a few layers to diminish the potential for a triangular shape. Also do not allow the bottom line to fall near the jaw or widest part of your face.

Feminine & Flirty!
Shorter crops are flirty and fun at any age. A short curly crop is confident as well as liberating in the fact that you are not a slave to your hair. Using some texturizing techniques or a razor around the fringe, ears, and nape keep it feminine and soft. Just make sure that it does not get too long on top as it will take away from the classiness of the short design.

Shape & Shine!

Finally, when dealing with curly hair, using products that give the hair definition and shine really enhances the cosmetic beauty of any style you select. By using curl elixirs and pomades you can take away fuzziness and give a healthy glisten to the hair. If your curls are moisturized and shiny, little indiscretions will easily be forgotten.

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Short curly hair styles are a great way to make the most of a fabric that is unpredictable. By choosing a shorter look you not only make your regimen easier, but you can flatter your face shape more effortlessly. By reducing your ringlets you will be amazed how easy your once stubborn hair can be!

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