Hair Styling Gel or Mousse?

Hair Styling Gel or Mousse?
The Finishing Touch!

Your hair styling gel or mousse products are what arm you with the skills to replicate that trendy new style your hairdresser created for you.
The products you use between your shampoo and spray provide that finishing touch that makes the difference between a good or bad hair day!

Proper selection and application of these products will give you better results and help you enjoy your hair rather than battle it.

Mousse & Movement!

These products enjoyed a spike in the eighties before product sales declined due to the increase in perms, color and high lighting.
The focus then shifted to conditioners to repair the extreme chemical damage we were doing and fixative and styling products waned. Mousses today, offer a couple of things. Firstly the ball of foam is easy to deal with and more than that it suggests lightness which is exactly what modern “hold” is all about.
The Paul Mitchell SCULPTING FOAM is perfect for
flexible fixing for youthful styles that move.
The foam is easy to scrunch into hair and doesn’t weigh it down.. great for hairstyles for fine hair or thinning hair.
The generally light structure of mousse makes it especially good for those who have curly hair . To use a mousse, try to massage it into your hands to break down the foam a bit before adding to your hair for better results.

Accentuate With Gel!

Hair styling gel like hairspray has evolved in the resin technology. They have improved greatly in their water solubility, clearness, and ability to support without build-up and stickiness.
I love Paul Mitchell hair products and Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Gel is a brilliant choice but there is probably one made by your preferred brand too, so just look around!
Choosing the correct strength is usually determined by the amount of volume you desire. Best used on normal to strong hair or use to tame coarse and wiry hair but fine hair could be over powered by hair styling gel.

The key to success with hair styling gel (and any product really) is to remember this bit of information: The hair that is coated with the product will respond differently to the hair that is not. The days of just a pea-sized amount is no longer valid. You need enough to coat the hair you wish to dominate and it’s important to get a complete, even distribution. Second is getting the product to the scalp in the case of gels and volumizing products. A miniscule pea-sized amount applied to the ends will do nothing to bring your style to life.

Get To Grips With Gel!

The first tip is to not apply it to your hair until you are ready to style (unless you air dry.) This way your hair will not dry into a crisp, odd shape that you will need to wrestle the crunch out of, potentially causing breakage. Second, when placing the gel into your hands rub it into your hands like a hand lotion to evenly distribute the product, then massage and rake into your hair style from scalp to ends.

Often women put a dollop in their palm and run through their hair getting most in the bangs and little elsewhere. Approach the volume depleted areas first!

Practice Makes Perfect!

Using hair styling gel and mousse requires a bit of play and practice to get your rhythm of what works for you. Don’t give up after one minor mishap. Trying different applications and combinations will eventually pay off and you will be…
styling like a pro in no time!

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