Hair Styles For Fine Hair With Older Women in Mind!

Hair Styles for Fine Hair:
With You in Mind!

Finding the right hair styles for fine hair can be challenging. Often times, many of the eye-catching photos that showcase the current and trendy hair styles are built upon an abundance of hair. You do not need to feel cheated or left behind, just consider a few important factors prior to selecting your style.

First off, hair is indeed a fabric. As one would not expect silk to work the same as wool, we cannot expect fine hair to respond the same as its thicker counterpart. The nature of fine hair does not allow it to easily defy gravity and stand alone without support from teasing, an abundance of product, or chemical alteration.

There are Solutions!

That being said, there are ways to get the best out of hair styles for fine hair. I have found salvation in the extremes. What I mean by this is either going with barely any layers or many layers. Let me explain.

Use Length to Bulk Up!

For those with fine hair, bulk is best achieved by allowing the layers of hair to lay upon one another in styles such as the Bob. A timeless classic, the Bob flatters virtually every hair type and does indeed do well for those with fine hair. Here is the caveat, do not let the hair hit your shoulders!
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As you turn your head from side to side in natural movement, it is like kicking the legs out from under your style. It disturbs the support and causes the hair to become clumpy and separated. Keep it swinging freely. Also the shorter length will diminish the extra weight pulling the style down.

An Abundance of Layers for Volume!

The other option for fine hair is to create a chic short style with many layers. This way you can manipulate the layers to cover a multitude of shortcomings. You can utilize styling products with more versatility as the shorter layers with lesser hair weight will respond more so to where you position the hair. Either volumous and classic, or fun and spiky–layers give you many options when dealing with hair styles for fine hair.

Clever Color!

Finally, there is nothing like color to create interest, dimension, as well as distraction. By creating dimensional effects (tinting one area a different color than another), adding highlights or lowlights, or simply adding a new hue, color can bring a new facet of beauty to your style. The added bonus is that color does impart a degree of volume by the infusion of color molecules into the hair. Not only do you get a beautiful new youthful color, you also give some oomph to your style.

Fine hair can pose some challenges, but it does not need to keep you from looking your best. With respect for your fabrics’ potential, proper selection of a style, and perhaps a dab of color..

you too can have a style that will turn heads!

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