Anti Aging in Action for women of 50, 60+

Anti Aging in Action!

What does anti aging mean for women over 60?

Being happy about who we are and how we look and feel.

Not in a high maintenance, fake and fanatical way

but a confident, glowing, mature woman way!

If you’d like to stay healthy, fit and attractive, here are
Some simple.. inexpensive.. no fuss ways to


  • Eat yourself young and get back in shape.
  • Pick up the facts on effective, inexpensive, anti wrinkle skincare!
  • Put some magic in your make up ideas!
  • Get the low down on a high energy diet and beat stress!
  • Discover a profitable hobby, dating, healthy juicing or a fitness
    training plan?
  • Find your strength, worry less, laugh more and do something crazy now and again!

Invest in a exercise ball , the best trampoline or find out where your nearest Zumba Dance class is to make exercise more effective and more fun. Take some time for yourself and do what this time of life was meant for, relax, enjoy and stay as young as you feel!

Let me show you what’s on offer for women 60+ and tempt you to reinvent the rest of your life..

Don’t worry it’s never too late!

Unlike the glossy magazines the how to’s on my pages are geared to women over 60. You won’t find flawless 30 year old models telling you their wrinkles disapeared with some fabulously expensive cream.
It won’t work. Anti aging in action does!

Eat Yourself Young is about incorporating superfoods into your anti aging diet to boost the body’s immune system, strengthen bones and improve muscle tone.

Besides a clear skin, healthy nails and glossy hair you will wonder what happened to the bloating, the headaches and of course the pounds. It couldn’t be easier!

Fitness and Vitality is easy if you find the right way of getting Back in Shape for you. It’s the best anti aging fix, improves your mood and your energy level. You discover where your waistline went and begin to feel some air around your hips. Here’s a plan.. the eat smart move more idea, what have you got to lose?

Recapture the Radiance and that smooth skin plumpness you remember so well. Todays revolutionary anti aging skincare can improve the texture of your skin and minimise wrinkles. Brighten and freshen tired skin and deliver a suppleness that will amaze you. The right products for our budget and how to use them. What is sensational and what’s a waste of money!

Ditch the old make up ideas
and discover how new make up techniques can work their magic for you! Find out which anti aging foundation is best for very mature skin and use it to cover uneven texture and redness. Whisk away under eye darkness and tiredness with clever concealer tips and then put your eyes and brows back in the limelight! Wrinkle fillers, lip plumpers and how to choose mascara all designed to help you get a fabulous, fresh new Look! Don’t miss this TIP! Foundation Primer the best thing that ever happened to mature skin!

Beat Stress and get more energy with wellness and relaxation techniques. Apart from articles with my insights and suggestions there is an open invitation to anyone who would like to share a story that would help someone who is facing a similar problem. Please use my contact me page, I would love to hear from you.
In this section you may learn to enjoy the happy moment instead of busily trying to get a happy life!

My Philosophy..

Overhaul your hobbies and the things you do. Are they habits? Are you still baking cakes although you don’t want to eat them anymore? I recently started using a digital SLR camera and learning how to use photoshop. It is sometimes frustrating but it’s an anti aging challenge for the gray cells and It feels great when it works.

I always think the main criteria for being happy is to do what you enjoy. Find inspiration on my pages or if you have an idea that works for you and you would like to share it, use the contact me page to write to me. I would love to hear from you and perhaps publish your story on this website.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have a piece of cake or don’t exercise over a weekend away. Remember, this is a lifestyle not a contract with a penalty.

This is Your Time.. Learn how to take it!

Spending a little time on a beauty routine can boost confidence and remind us of our potential to feel good. We all look better when we are happy. We are nicer to be around when we like ourselves. It’s the most simple anti aging treatment but today so hard to achieve. Busy lifestyles coping with our own problems and often those of our grown up children and our grandchildren seems to fill every waking moment.
How to say No as a good grand mother is a popular place to start!

Building the confidence to change the way you look and
tweak your lifestyle so you can enjoy it,
is not for cissies but you can do it!

Bye, bye stress, spa anyone? What about getting into that hobby you always wanted to have time for. Read about how I found my profitable hobby doing what I love to do! Join a course, learn a language or if you are single try online dating and get invited out for dinner. Have fun!

It is also about living in a healthy environment. Fresh air free of pollutants is a good start. If you live in a crowded neighborhood with regular air pollution from passing traffic, choose one from the best air purifier that fits your budget and have one installed at home – you will thank yourself for it!

Anti aging is not just about miracle creams! It´s about our attitude to enjoying life, feeling good and being happy with ourselves. Run through these pages and pick out the tips that could restore your vitality, help you lose those pounds and change your look.

When you look great and feel fabulous
you can squeeze the marrow out of life!

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