Do Hair Vitamins really Work?

Do Hair Vitamins Really Work?

If you are asking yourself the question do hair vitamins really work?

consider this..

Our hair can thin, slow down, or shed for a variety of reasons and often people seek out hair vitamins as the solution.

Whether these are snake oil or salvation relies on a few factors above and beyond the ingredients.

Before ingesting hope from a bottle it may be wise to take a brief personal inventory.

Here are a few factors to consider even if you choose to supplement.

  • All in the family If thin or fine hair runs in the family, you may have to play the hand you are dealt. Although this is not easy to come to terms with for some, your situation may be genetic and not something that is affected by a nutritional or other biological factor.

    In this case hair styles for fine hair that best suit the situation and fabric may be in order. Hair vitamins may help, but in the case of genetic predisposition, other solutions may need to be examined in tandem.

  • All stressed out Stress is a major contributor to hair loss and can even cause alopecia areata (baldness in spots). Ongoing stress can definitely cause a whole list of health issues, and hair loss is one of them. Often accompanying this is a nutritional deficit that leverages the issue and therefore vitamin supplementation may help remedy the issue.vitamins At the point of hair loss resulting from stress, it may be time to examine some ways to relieve stress and seek support. Deep meditative breathing can also help!

  • Oops Bad haircuts can happen to good people. Sadly patience is often the remedy in overcoming a botched hairdo. Vitamins will not send your hair into hyper drive. The vitamins are to supplement deficiencies that may be slowing down your natural growth. They are not lawn fertilizer! The answer to the question “do hair vitamins really work” is in this case a definite “no”. To get a better hair cut next time read our tips on finding a new hair stylist!

  • Under the knife The question of “do hair vitamins really work” pales under these circumstances. Your body does not need hair. We like it, but do not need it. After going through a trauma or surgery, our bodies will shift gears to focus on repairing the body. All nutritional and energetic reserves focus on the damage repair as a priority. You may notice that your hair slows down initially after recovery from surgery or other major medical procedures. This will nearly always revert once the body regains homeostasis.

  • What’s up doc? Anytime you ingest a substance other than food, it is wise to seek counsel as to how the substance (yes, even vitamins) will react to your system or any current medications. In seeking beautiful hair, you do not want to sacrifice overall health by failing to do some proper research. Certain ingredients may react in some people adversely. Do your homework so you do not encounter a larger issue! *Always seek a doctor or qualified professional for advice regarding your health!

So.. do hair vitamins really work?
Whether you find hair vitamins are myth or magic is a personal issue. This can stem from a variety of reasons and will affect the meeting of your expectations. It is always a wise choice to try to incorporate proper vitamins and nutrition into your daily diet so our bodies maintain optimal performance. Whether you get your vitamins from your fridge or your pharmacy, make sure to protect yourself with a little information. The anti aging diet pages are a good place to find out more!

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