Bob Hair Styles, Fashion and Functionality from Teens to Retirement!

Bob Hair Styles
From Teens to Retirement!

Timeless Chic

Bob hair styles are ubiquitous classics which have endured the test of time. This simple shape can flatter almost any face shape and fabric (with a few tweaks and nudges) and is relatively low maintenance as well. Although it may favor the masses, it is still only a one-size-fits-some without a little tailoring.

Function and Fashion

From its early rebellious days when women were shearing their locks in protest and taking a stand against an archaic view of beauty, to the current Hollywood starlets giving a nod to their big screen predecessors, the bob retains a balance between function and fashion. The beauty is in the fact that through simple, minimal changes, this chic style can be worn from pre-school through retirement and still look fresh and eye-catching.

Fine or Thin Hair

If you have fine hair or thin hair, the Bob makes the most of your fabric by keeping as much of your hair on your head as possible. By allowing the layers to fall at one length upon one another, an added illusion of bulk is presented. This maintenance-free style selection also diminishes the abuse needed to style other more intricate coifs. To give maximum volume, use a lightweight volumizing mist to blowdry, and use a larger diameter natural bristle round brush.

Tweak to Change

For those who sport a longer or narrow face shape, try to avoid one length bob hair styles that fall right at your chin line. This may appear as you are “peeking through a curtain.” Add some soft layers to the frame around your face for volume and movement. Also a fringe (bangs) will reduce the length of your face shape, hides wrinkles (not that we have any), and brings focus to your eyes. You can use a little base (soft back-brushing at the scalp) or large curls from an iron or hot rollers to add volume to the sides. The next tip is to tilt your head to the side and spray under the perimeter of your bob to lock in the support.
The Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Hair Spray is a light-weight spray, allows movement and holds well with lots of shine.
Make sure your Bob does not drag on your shoulders or your will spend your day adjusting the fallen shape.

Tailor to Flatter

If your face is rounder, beware of having your Bob fall at the widest area of the face which is most often your cheeks or jaw line. This can give you the “mushroom” look. (Think of George Washington on the U.S. one dollar bill–not flattering!) If you prefer the shorter lengths on your Bob, and you have a round face; break up the lines a little bit. You can adjust the silhouette by adding asymmetry to the perimeter (or simply tuck one side behind your ear.) Try using a styling product to create a shattered or wispy fringe that is not straight across. I also recommend making sure the bottom is beveled or stacked slightly as opposed to straight across. This gives a slimming and uplifting illusion. Layers also help as you can create interesting little flips, curls, waves and other interesting accents to keep your Bob hair style personalized.

Ageless Classic

Bob hair styles are ageless and can be an alluring and chic classic. A welcome part of your beauty and fashion repertoire. Through minor nudges and occasional alterations, you can wear your Bob through many trend changes, life changes, and length changes.

Rest assured if you wear the Bob, you will never have to worry about being… out of style!

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