Short Hair Styles, Feminine and Fun!

Short Hair Styles
Feminine and Fun!

So, you have decided to lose your locks and go for one of the short hair styles.
As many women are attached to their hair, it does not have to be like giving up your childhood blanket.

Short hair styles can be attractive and flattering, as well as liberating and fun!

Although the interpretation and shape may be something you can decide upon later, there are certain elements that can really make your new shape stand out!

Regular Trims “a Must”

I know many decide to “go short” because they would like to enjoy the freedom that short hair styles can offer. I do want to let you know that the day-to-day freedom is balanced by your new commitment to your salon. What I mean by this is your short hair will require more regular visits to the salon. Short hair is supported by the architectural design behind the shape and not just how the hair “drapes.” Look at needing to be in the salon every four weeks (sometimes sooner in the shortest of shapes.)

Short But Not Masculine!

I have often heard ladies exclaim, “I do not want to look masculine” when getting a short style. Aside from a couple of elements I will go into in a moment, the first thing to bring out the feminine charm of short hair is with makeup and earrings. In the longer styles it is often the hair that takes center stage. With your shorter hair you will now get compliments on your earrings and accessories as they will now step up into view. As far as makeup, it does not have to be any heavier than usual; it will just now allow the beauty of your eyes to pop a bit more. There is also nothing more complimentary to a great hairstyle than a genuine smile.

Soften & Blend!

Another way to keep your short hair softened is by paying attention to the perimeter. I always did what I call blurring around the perimeter. By this I mean that even if a very manicured edge to the nape and sides was desired, I would try to use a bit of texture to soften it so the hair did not appear “barbered.” Of course leaving a touch more length around the edges to create a subtle fringe will eliminate the appearance of a gent’s cut.

Chic “Messy” or Glam?!

Since short hair styles usually take away the extra hair from the nape and sides, you are left with options on the top. Ask your stylist to texturize the ends to allow for lift, movement, blending, and softness. This will allow you to go for the chic “messy” looks in a pinch, or you can gain a bit of height for a more glamorous interpretation. Texture will help “tailor” your look to fit you and the look and feel you are going for.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Luminous Color Glaze

Accentuate With Color!

Finally, the ultimate accents for short hair styles are a touch of color. Even a color glosser for a subtle filter can create added interest to your new short design.

The John Frieda Color Glaze conditioner (left) wakes up dull hair, imparting a hint of color, boosting texture and shine and even blends in greys. Available in other shades and luminous clear.
Also, short hair responds well to products. Think of them like the spices to the chef adding flavor and interest to your look. Spritzes, pomades, waxes and the like will give you control over your new short shape. Short hair is a confident expression of your feminine self and by experimenting with some texture and donning that award winning smile, you will love the liberation
your short hair can bring!

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