A Salon Facial To Rejuvenate Tired, Older Skin

A Salon Facial
Amazing Anti Aging Skincare Treatment!

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Not Magic.. but a magical effect!

Before a special occasion a single salon facial can refresh dull skin and bring instant radiance to your complexion. But that’s not all.. For women over 60 a regular facial can have amazing long term anti aging effects.

I know you use good skin care products and your daily routine is the
holy grail but here’s how the salon facial can achieve so much more!

What is a Spa facial?
A spa facial begins with a skin analysis
by a professionally trained beautician. The products she chooses for
your treatment contain highly effective ingredients which address your
skin’s needs exactly. In one very relaxing hour your face and neck are deep cleansed and

exfoliated with salon stregth products. Your face is scanned for impurities and if necesssary these are gently extracted.
A soothing massage follows where light finger strokes can enhance circulation and help to drain lymph
blockage reducing puffiness especially around eyes. There is also an
alternative machine aided massage which sofltly boosts the oxygen in the
skin and drives essential ingredients deeper into the skin’s layers.
The icing on the cake is the final mask. For mature skin a cocktail of deeply hydrating, collagen boosting and nutritious ingredients are absorbed into your skin whilst you relax to soft music and just float away!

Get your eyelashes tinted during the treatment and make the most of short, sparse lashes. If you can see them better you can apply mascara to even the tiniest to thicken and extend!

our skin type and condition is sometimes difficult. Sensitive skin is
often parched skin. Dry skin can have oily sections where impurities are
a problem. Your technician is trained to recognize and treat all skin types and conditions, nurturing sensitive skin and soothing irritation.
a salon facial your skin will receive exactly the treatment it needs
and the beautician can discuss with you further care at home. A good spa
will have samples for you to try at home before committing to a new product range.
professional massage is another prime reason to treat yourself to a
relaxing facial. Whether a hand massage or machine massage as in
Hydrodermie by Guinot your skin will benefit enormously. The massage is
relaxing, boosts lymph drainage and optimises product absorption.

A 10 minute video about The Guinot Hydradermie Facial.