How Olive Oil Benefits Our Health Especially After 60!

How Olive Oil Benefits Our Health
and Our Appearance!

Are you really aware of how olive oil benefits our health?

This Mediterranean favorite with it’s good fats and antioxidants is a truly powerful weapon against age related diseases and helps preserve a youthful appearance.

First let’s look at the different types of olive oil?

  • Extra Virgin Oil
    Extracted from the first cold press and as you would expect not only
    has the most flavour but preserves the maximum antioxidant content.
  • Fine Virgin Oil– Obtained from the second pressing and is still very good but not the true quality of Extra Virgin. Less expensive of course!
  • Pure Olive Oil– The product of filtering, refining, blending and some processing losing much of it’s valuable attributes on the way.
  • Extra light -Subject of much processing leaving only minimal residual olive flavour and very little natural goodness.

healthy olive oil

Healthy Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, D, E, K and iron.

An edible beauty treatment for smooth skin, glossy hair and that inner glow that comes with a healthy body!

Oil is a monounsaturated fat use it for salad dressings and dips but
also for cooking instead of saturated or polyunsaturated fats.

Olive Oil Benefits at a glance..

olive oil forms part of the daily diet it can help achieve.. the
reduction of blood pressure, inhibit growth of some cancers, help
control blood sugar levels, reduce effects of osteoporosis and dementia
and even help maintain a lower body weight!

Heart Healthy at any age!

Olive oil contains high levels of antioxidants and in particular a compound called Oleuropein and a fatty acid called Oleic Acid.

Oleuropein prevents LDL (the bad cholesterol) from oxidizing,
it is oxidized LDL that will adhere to artery walls eventually causing
partial blockage, additional strain on the heart, high blood pressure
and possible attack.

Olive oil has also been linked to lowering of triglyceride levels another symptom of heart disease!

Other Important Benefits of Olive Oil

Oleic acid can help in the fight against breast cancer, endemetrial and prostate cancers.

Diabetes sufferers are recommended to follow a low fat high carbohydrate diet which when combined with olive oil offers better control of blood sugar levels than when following a low fat only diet.


The body will also adapt healthy fats in olive oil to help fight against inflammation, in particular asthma, arthritis and osteoporosis. Studies have revealed that in areas where higher levels of olive oil are absorbed i.e. the famous “Mediteranean Diet” instances of dementia are significantly lower.

TIP! How to store Olive Oil

To preserve all of the olive oil benefits, good oil is sold in dark glass bottles (the darker the better) and should not be stored in brightly lit areas. Exposure to light, heat and air will destroy it’s anti oxidant qualities and turn the oil rancid.

Some great olive oil recipes coming soon! In the meantime enjoy lots more mouth watering superfoods clearly explained and with simple and delicious recipes here on our Super Foods List

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