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Looking for the best outdoor sauna? Our shortlist, carefully compiled from our outdoor sauna reviews, will help. A nice long relaxing sauna feels great. After getting out of one, the body feels renewed. A nice quiet place to relax they can give tremendous stress relief. Before considering the health benefits of a sauna they just feel amazing. For thousands of years, ancient peoples used saunas for medicinal purposes. A good sauna can quell muscle pain, relieve ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and even Lyme disease. The heat also helps draw toxins from the body speeding up recovery from congestive colds. They are also beneficial for weight loss helping to sweat off 1 – 2 pounds. With the advent of the infrared sauna, you can choose a sauna that is as safe for the environment as it is comforting. Saunas over the last hundred years or so have typically been built from cedar which is one of the most rot resistant woods out there.

4 Person Sauna Heat Wave Hemlock

4 Person Sauna Heat Wave Hemlock

This 4 person sauna is unbeatable. Made from hemlock this sauna has an easy tongue and groove assembly.  So in mere hours after delivery you can be de-stressing with friends. With 9 carbon infrared heaters, this sauna races to 141 degrees f. Granted part of the low price of this sauna is its hemlock construction. Most often you find saunas built from cedar because it is impenetrable to rot. Hemlock stands up much the same but over decades may splinter 40 – 50 years. Hemlock is by and far a stronger wood than cedar so if you may have to move in the future this sauna is more likely to survive. Among the extras: LED mood lighting, radio/CD/MP3 player, towel rack, cup holders, magazine rack and backrest. Heat Wave’s 4 person Sauna deserves the number 1 spot of the top 10 best outdoor saunas.

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters

With 7 carbon heaters and hemlock construction make this a great little sauna. With a modern look and standard accessories such as radio, lights and digital controls this is no sauna to sneeze at. With a decent price, the cheapest of all the saunas on this list you get a terrific little sauna for a household of 1 or 2.

4 Person Corner Sauna FAR Infrared Red Cedar

4 Person Corner Sauna FAR Infrared Red Cedar Wood

With 10 carbon heaters, this sauna heats up fast. Which is pretty important -especially if you want to use your outdoor sauna during the winter. Also included is an electronic oxygen ionizer that releases negative ions. This sauna is not just good because of its outstanding heaters and electronics. The bronze tinted glass door, adjustable light color, and head rest all add to the complete package. The easy tongue and groove assembly make this item a snap for the number 3 spot.

Radiant Saunas BSA1320 4-Person Cedar Corner Sauna

Radiant Saunas BSA1320 4-Person Cedar Corner
A large 4 person sauna this is a steal. With 10 heating elements and made from Canadian red cedar this sauna is worth every penny. Full of standard features like interior LED control panels and radio, it is the details like bronze tinted glass, roof vents, towel rack and cup holder that make this sauna special.

Radiant Saunas BSA1312 3-Person Sauna

Radiant Saunas BSA1312 3-Person Cedar Corner Carbon
With 7 carbon infrared heaters, this 3 person Sauna gets hot fast. With adjustable roof vents and 7 color chromatherapy color lights to aid your relaxation experience. 5- year warranty on the wood and a 1-year warranty on the heating elements and radio for peace of mind over time. The sticker price is a tad steep, but this sturdy outdoor sauna is worth its sticker price.

3 Person Sauna Corner Fitting Infrared FIR FAR

3 Person Sauna Corner Fitting Infrared FIR FAR 7
At the number 5 position on the 10 Best Outdoor Saunas is the Corner Fitting Infrared FIR FAR. With interior and exterior LED control panels, adjustable mood lights and an operating temperature of 141 f this is a hot box made for relaxation. The hemlock construction fits 3 –with 3 built in head rests. The FIR FAR also has 7 built-in heaters with the exterior lights make it good for night time use. For a 3 person sauna, you cannot beat the price.

Therapuresauna ESF202HCB 2-Person Canadian Hemlock

Therapuresauna ESF202HCB 2-Person Canadian Hemlock

Much like the JNH Lifestyles, Fir Far and the 4 Person Sauna Heat Wave this sauna is built out of hemlock. The temperature maxes out at around 140 and takes about 2 – 3 hours to assemble. This is a fair price for a 2 person sauna. With standard features such as a towel rack, reading light and radio/CD/MP3 it is a good deal. The Therapuresauna has a 5-year warranty on everything but the radio (1-year).

2 Persons Sierra Canadian Cedar Outdoor Sauna

2 Persons Sierra Canadian Cedar Outdoor Infrared

This sauna made it to the number 8 spot because while it is well built it doesn’t justify its price tag as a 2 person sauna. The AM/FM radio, CD/MP3 player and ceramic carbon infrared heater are all nice. So is the tempered glass door but for the price nice just is not going to cut it.

Corner Sierra/Rustic Canadian Cedar Outdoor Infrared Sauna


With dual ceramic and carbon infrared heating elements, this big sauna gets hot for 3 – 4 people fast. The all-around construction and accoutrements are all really good. Infrared Sauna Guru makes a quality product and they made it to this list for just that reason. The only reason this product is so low on the list is the hefty price tag. If price is not a problem for you I’d say go ahead and buy this sauna. With 7 color chromotherapy lights and AM/FM/CD/MP3 it really has it all.

3 Person Sierra/Rustic Canadian Cedar Outdoor Infrared Sauna

At the end of the list of 10 Best Outdoor Sauna is this sauna built from Canadian Red Cedar –a beautiful wood. This sauna features include a built-in sound system and interior reading lights. Due to its cozy size you can keep it either inside or out. With both ceramic and carbon heaters, this sauna is extremely green friendly and heats up fast. This is the only entry that has a 7-year warranty. A great investment.

Making this list of the 10 Best Outdoor Saunas was really hard with so many factors to take into consideration. All of the saunas on this list had to be judged by the smallest details.

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