Hair Styles For Thick Hair, Short-cut to Managability!

Hair Styles for Thick Hair:
A Short Cut to Managability!

Thick hair may be the envy of the follicle deficient, but finding hair styles for thick hair can be just as challenging as for those who are on the opposite end of the spectrum. I have always said, “You can always thin, thick hair, but you can’t thick, thin hair.” So we just simply need to decide what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Unless you are going to simply tie your hair back into a ponytail, it is wise to find a length and shape that works well with your thick hair. Thick hair can be heavy and hot, and if your hair has wave or curl it can expand in size to where your hair is noticed before you are. We will assume here that the hair has become cumbersome and you’re seeking some bulk relief.

Aside from the obvious of simply losing length to reduce some of the weight, it is more so a question of Are you willing to layer your hair? Layering hair is a strategic balance of allowing the shape to collapse around the perimeter–all the while releasing weight giving the hair movement. For those who have thick hair, you have probably experienced the ‘over-enthusiastic’ stylist trying to solve your problem to no avail. Layering thick hair is a delicate dance that should be addressed by a skilled hand. Layers that help keep the hair closer to the head shape work best.

For those who do like the classic styles of the wedge or bob shapes, layering still helps control the chosen shape to not appear too big. These styles do indeed flatter, but thick hair can pronounce the shape and actually over-widen. This is where strategic layering and texture will work in tandem to tailor-fit these hair styles for thick hair.

Consider the liberation of a shorter hair style! Your thick hair will help support your new short shape and give you many options with texture and interest from the abundance of fabric you bring to the table. Personally, I would always first “rough-draft’ a basic short shape and then use texture to “custom-fit” great short hair styles for thick hair individually. I would often spend more time thinning and tailoring than the initial cut itself – so don’t get scared!

Thinning hair and texturizing can cause a shudder down the spine of those who have had a bad experience. In the hands of a skilled person, a razor, thinning shears and other blending utensils will become your fashion savior! For thick hair, a small amount of texture needs to be done to allow a tapering or blending effect on the ends. To me it is almost essential.

To de-bulk however, this must be done closer to the scalp. I would literally go within a half inch of the scalp and take out a third of some clients’ hair. This way the hair would not look broken or fuzzy and appeared as if they were born with less mass. This too would only need done about twice per year.

My Tip.. Avoid this technique near cowlicks, parts, and your hairline!

The main goal with hair styles for thick hair is to keep the shape under control if you want to expand your regimen beyond an elastic tie. Make sure you tailor fit your look through some of the techniques mentioned here.

Remember when it comes to hair..
It is better to have and not need, than need and not have!

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