Hair Styles For Round Faces, Tips and Tricks For Older Women.

Hair Styles for Round Faces

The question of hair styles for round faces that suit mature women comes up so often that I decided to devote a page to just that.

Through my many years of hairdressing, I have found that more people think they have a round face than truly do. Whether your roundness is from genetics or perhaps from a few extra pounds you want to shed, we can still use illusion and a few simple principles to achieve the most attractive hair styles for round faces.

Accentuate Your Cheekbones!
First when observing your face, pull your hair back and make a brief assessment. Do you see your cheekbones? These are the protruding bones just under the far corners of your eyes and not the “apples of your cheeks” that flank your nose. If you notice a sharp definition to these bones, they can help you start to change the visual proportion of your face. Aside from the benefit of attracting attention to your eyes (the window to the soul), your cheekbones will start to break up the roundness by creating angularity to your face shape. Giving a bit of lift away from the face just above your cheekbones in styling will allow them to appear more prominent. You can also ask your stylist for a few wisps to accent the hollows of your cheeks to bring them out more so.

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Fringe benefits!
Try to avoid solid fringes and bangs. This will actually “squat” the face and add width. If you want a fringe, I suggest you sweep the fringe asymmetrically off to one side. At least have the heavier section go off center and then have small pieces or wisps across your forehead to conceal. By skewing the fringe you elongate the face and distract the eye from scanning your hairstyle in a circle. By simply doing a swept or asymmetrical fringe you can solve a world of round issues.

Part Illusions!
As with fringes and bangs, so go the parts. The key to flattering hair styles for round faces is to create lines that are off center to keep from splitting the face in two equal parts. Use your eye as a guide so you can find your part easily. Use the inner corner, center, or outer corner for reference. Just do not use a part that is too off center as you will start to have issues with one side of your style having more bulk than the other. Tip! You can also make your part diagonally from the point you choose back in toward the center to keep your style in balance for thinner and finer hair.

Lengthen the look!
Having your hairstyle fall just below the chin (to shoulder length) helps draw a round face shape downward a bit.

Ask your stylist to softly layer around the perimeter or frame and add texture so the random accents can soften your jaw line.

This will bring out your chin bone as well. As long as your hair is not hitting your shoulders you can also ask to have the perimeter “stacked” a bit to create a bevel that is also slimming in appearance.

It’s All In The Details!
Finally, strategic volume is your friend. A bit of teasing in the crown for height, soft waves and curls on the sides around your jaw line, or a soft bit of body added from a curling iron or hot rollers will give a silhouette that dances and distracts and keeps the focus away from the roundness.
Find a multitude of options for hair styles for round faces by manipulating the volume in flattering areas with the above tips, adapt your favorite styles to fit your face shape and lifestyle.

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