Best Shampoo? What To look For!

Best Shampoo?
What to Look For & Why!

Selecting the best shampoo can seem like a daunting task with all of the options available. We have seen shampoos highlight everything from beer to their bubbles–so where do we begin? The best shampoo for you is pretty much a personal choice but there are a few things to consider.

Interestingly, through research I have found a hierarchy of how people traditionally select their shampoos and that is by the three “F’s”: Fragrance, Foam, and Function respectively.


Since most people open the cap to sniff their way into a shampoo selection, I will say up front that most manufacturers are aware the perfumes are important.
Aromatherapy and the fragrances do indeed have a direct effect on our nervous system and cause us to either energize or mellow out.
The caveat here is that some people who have hyper-sensitive skin may have allergic reactions and may need a scent-free product. This does not mean the product has no smell, they will usually simply smell like soap. Although the fragrance is important as a “perk”, it has nothing to do with how it works overall.


The foam is important. A nice rich lather does more than give you a nice luxurious cloud to massage your scalp with, it serves a greater function. Shampoo works by activating with the water to expand into rich sudsy lather. This expansion is what not only cleanses but lifts the dirt away from your scalp to be rinsed away.
You can see these ingredients listed as “sulfates.” The best to choose have “sodium” based these are more moisturizing sulfates as opposed to “ammonium” (ammonia) based sulfates. Both will foam up nicely, but the latter can be harsher especially for those with more fragile or chemically treated hair.
Finally, for those who are into “all-natural” products–nature takes a back seat to technology here as “all-natural” products are known to not foam as much. Some women say their hair feels less clean!
No harm in trying a few though to see if you can find one that works for you!


The function is really where the rubber meets the road. Aside from the obvious cleansing, selecting the best shampoo to coincide with your hair needs (e.g. color-treated, oily, dry, volumizing, etc.) is also important. Hitting this target and partnering function with fabric will help you in sustaining long-term beautiful hair. This is where professional products cost a few dollars more. True, some of the ingredients may have different quality levels, but you also profit from the stylist’s knowledge. For those selecting on their own, knowing the needs of your hair will help you hit the target. Here is a quick guide to help you on function.

  • Volumizing formula– Good for body, may strip color
  • Oily formula– Removes dirt well, may dry your hair faster
  • Dry hair formula– “Usually” doesn’t moisturize per se–just has gentler cleansers
  • Color-treated – Gentle cleanser, good for color (all chemicals), a good “family” shampoo
  • Baby Shampoo – If it is good for babies–it will not harm adults, generic in function
  • “Dry” Shampoo – Comes in aerosol form and is only good for in-between deodorizing (no foam)

Selecting your best shampoo is easy if you keep these tips in mind. As your hair changes so should your products as well.

So scan, select, sniff and enjoy!

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