Bad Hair Day? Your Emergency Kit!

Bad Hair Day?
Our Emergency Hair Kit!

Ever had the situation arise when you need to look your best and you’re having a really bad hair day? You’re not at home and and there’s not much time..

if you have a hair emergency kit in your handbag or desk drawer, you need not feel like the wilted flower in the bouquet. These are a few simple and inexpensive items that are easy to find, and some you may have around the house!

  1. Static fly-aways
    Often occurring in the winter months, static can make your hair look like an electrical experiment. A simple remedy is dryer sheets! Take a dryer sheet (unscented is best) and “lightly” drag it across the surface of your hairstyle. The properties that remove the static cling from your laundry will also work for your hair! Keep a few in a Ziploc bag in your purse for those times when you remove your winter hat or scarf.

  2. Shiny scalp
    Sometimes on a bad hair day you may notice your scalp is a little shiny from oil or perspiration. This can also make hair look thinner or sparse if you are predisposed to having less dense hair to begin with. To solve both problems simply use a corn starch based body powder. Apply with a cosmetic pad to the scalp and use a dryer to blow off the excess or simply bend over and pat lightly with your hands to remove any excess dusting. This will refresh your hair, remove shine, and improve body by eliminating the oil or moisture.

  3. Oops roots

    If you notice a few pesky grey hairs appearing around your hairline, you can use this tip in a pinch. If you have some mascara, you can gently apply to those random strands to get you through an important dinner or meeting. Better yet, you can find what are called hair crayons like Tween Time Haircolor Touch-Up Stick
    which are just that–large crayons with cosmetic color that will temporarily blend your color to conceal “peek-a-boo greys.” Only use these in emergency (not as a retouch) though and use lightly so it is not apparent you are in need of color.

  4. No time to wash

    A new product called Dry Shampoo is available for those who do not have time for suds. These come in aerosol form and can absorb oil, eliminate odor, impart body, and buy you a day or so without having to shampoo. Blow Faux Dry Shampoo is non aerosol, releases tiny puffs of cleansing, lightweight powder. Not the cheapest but an excellent, non messy product. Leaves no dullness and comes in handy travel size. Many brands are available and they can be a lifesaver in a pinch!

  5. A Droopy “do”
    If your style is sagging and you need a bit of oomph, reach for a teasing brush. This tool of the pros has a pointed tip for sectioning as well as picking and positioning which helps you put the pieces where they belong. The width is narrow to allow you to handle the brush with ease and precision. The bristles give a good base for height and body but will not “knot” your hair into a tight mess. The bristles also allow you to gently smooth the sections and place them where you like with the skill of a pro.

Don’t let a bad hair day curtail your social calender, accept the surprise lunch date or coffee with that long lost friend and go weave some magic with your emergency kit!

Everything fits into a discreet make up clutch or purse and together with a small travel size of your favorite spray or spritz you will be prepared for any bad hair day!

Plan ahead, and for a few dollars, you can make sure you always look your best no matter what comes up!

Do you have a special trick to resurrect your hair style?

Share it with us via my contact me page and I’ll add it to this list!

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