Anti Aging Super Foods To Help You Stay Younger, Longer!

Anti Aging Super Foods
How To Eat Yourself Young!

This article uncovers the health benefits of nature’s anti aging super foods and how they can help us stay younger for longer!
It was published by in November 2009.

Anti Aging Foods – How to Eat Yourself Young

Anti Aging Foods – How to Eat Yourself Young
By Carol Engelmann

Firstly we need to look at the enemies of the anti aging diet. These are the foods that can sabotage our efforts to be attractive, fit, and healthy at any age. Here is where it’s important to look at labels. Sugars or anything that ends in “ose” is a sugar, these are empty calories that rob the body of vitamins and minerals. White bread, although we have been eating it for years is another empty food. It contains no nutrition but causes insulin peaks, possibly diabetes and weight gain. Go easy on salt, use herbs and spices instead.Reduce coffee and drink more water.

Coffee dehydrates and water hydrates. Try drinking more water, it works like magic for dull skin prone to wrinkles. Bringing back that dewy look and reducing the appearance of fine lines. What about fats, we know the bad kinds, hydrogenated and saturated, margarine and salami for example, cause a host of health problems. Fizzy drinks, probably not our number one sin at this age, so easy to drop. Make the simple changes first and when you begin to realise the dramatic effects of this anti aging diet on skin tone, brighter clearer eyes and flatter tummy you will be inspired to experiment with even more anti aging super foods.

One of the sensational things about eating anti aging super foods is the time you don’t need to spend in the kitchen. Fruits in all shapes and sizes particularly berries are full of antioxidants and nutrients to protect skin, eyes, bones and boost immune system. No need to buy exotic fruits even the humble apple boasts vitamin C and lots of fibre to help cleanse. Replace white rice with brown rice or vegetables steamed to preserve the anti aging nutrients. Leafy green vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower are all powerful detoxifiers and salads provide essential vitamins.

Pulses beans and lentils are a fine source of protein as an alternative to red meat. The 80/20 % rule works well here. Try to choose white meat, chicken or turkey as often as possible and occasionally perhaps when you are out to dinner, a lean steak. Bookshops are overflowing with books that put a new twist on old recipes with beans and lentils and turn out dishes good enough for dinner parties. The young are better informed about nutrition than we have ever been. Just look around at your friends and families to see what effect our food has on the way we look and the state of our health.

On to nuts and seeds, another great source of protein and omega oils. Find a whole grain baker who bakes with rye and oats and lots of seeds. These are complex carbs loaded with fibre. Use cold pressed oils wherever possible for anti oxidant protection and eat plenty of fresh fish especially the oily kind, salmon, herring and tuna. Begin the anti aging diet slowly. Look for new ways to prepare the foods and discover amazing new tastes. What do you have to lose? Bloating, puffy eyes, flaky, dull skin and yes those extra pounds!

Nothing tastes as good as slim and healthy feels!

Carol Engelmann has always been passionate about anti aging. Her website is geared to you, the mature woman. You will find information and inspiration on feeling good and looking better. Tips to update your fitness, weightloss, skin care and style, urging you to dump the old ideas and find a refreshing new perspective on life at 50, 60 and beyond. How to tap into forgotten potential and reinvent the rest of your life.

She would love to hear from women who have made major changes at this stage in life. Share your story. Carol is 61, retired and lives with her partner in Galicia, Spain.

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