Précision – by Chanel.

Précision – by Chanel.

by Sarah

(Midlands UK)

This product is quite expensive, probably because of its name, but I found it to work. It rehydrated my skin and made it smoother and firmer, but also left it soft.With continued use, fine lines disappeared, and a little of this gel goes a long way. I wasn’t too happy about some the ingredients, especially the Ethylparaben. This preservative is dangerous, but considered safe for use in small quantities. The trouble is, we use these products on a regular basis, and they sometimes remain on (and in) the skin for several hours, causing a build-up of chemicals in the body which can have drastic side effects.It’s such a pity that companies such as Chanel don’t use more natural ingredients such as bees wax, and less toxic substances, but if you want a quick fix that brings results, this is the one that seems to do the trick.

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